Tuesday, 30 July 2013

New US Nerf Rapidstrike CS-18 TV commercial

One of the hottest blasters fans have been expecting for quite some time is hitting more and more stores and online retailers. Thanks to Hasbro for sending me this TV commercial:

"Trick shots" has never been the main focus of the N-Strike Elite range, something more reserved for the Vortex line. It looks like Nerf are taking a more fun approach this summer with their blaster range than the typical backflip triple somersault hail of foam darts. When I spoke to Hasbro UK they told me that they were going specifically after the older age range of teen+ fans (this seems to be an emerging core market for UK).
Below is the UK Rapidstrike CS-18 TV commercial hitting homes from August 1st and already (much to my surprise!) in cinema trailers! If you are catching Pacific Rim, The Wolverine and End of the World movies anytime soon, prepare from some awesome :) There is a noticeable difference between the two commercials - what's your opinion on the shift of advertising?
Dare I ask what your "Perfect Shot!" will be?


  1. The US one is a bit cheesy, but the UK one lacks actual blaster firing action.
    My perfect shot would be anything over 100fps!

    1. i completely agree. the US one is stupid and makes it seem like too much of a kids toy.

  2. Because it is.

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