Thursday, 4 July 2013

NEW Nerf Zombie Strike, Sledge Fire and ZS Deco blaster listings hit Target online

Summer 2013 is just kicking off... :D
It would appear, in a most bizarre flow of events that Hasbro have forgotten about telling fans about their new range the Zombie Strike.

Thanks to Marcus and everyone else who emailed me! Calmous too - for this heads up! Boxart and product info as follow.

Unless you've been under a rock for the last few months, or fans who just want to see this in action, check it on out, my bro RandomShadow09 got his hands on a world exclusive:
IF you ain't subscribed with him, hit that button, you haven't seen the last of range tests with this fella
This is YET to go live for general sale, so keep an eagle eye out and let me know when you secure an online sale - I will let other fans know! Whilst we do not have any kind of sales description right now, we do have this following info:

  • Manufacturer's Suggested Age: 8 Years and Up
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 2.63 " L
  • Battery: no battery used

  • Other Info.

    • Online Item #: 14497493
    • Store Item Number (DPCI): 087-11-0348
    • Item can be gift wrapped.
    • Imported

    If you remember I was the first to break this news [more here and here], I got to say I'm LOVING the box art! And those darts too! hm practical much? I can see them being lost in the grass possibly... But i'm hoping they're GITD. And as I (and many other fans!) had hoped, we see some unique darts. Whether these are prototype images and the real package has some kind of imagine or design on the darts we have to wait and see.

    I won't hate on it for being a 5 chamber revolver - the magic word here is revolver! It's so hot! The design plus the ZS decal just sets It off so well that you can excuse what some fans call a "fail" - is it really a fail being 1 dart down...?

    For you UK fans, I assume this will be an Argos Exclusive as was the EAT when it hit UK shelves. I can't wait to grab these - wait - 2 of these! Dual wield for the win baby!


    HammerShot - $14.99: 087-11-0348
    SledgeShot - $27.99: 087-11-0349
    ZombieStrike "Deco" - $9.99: 087-11-0347  (decorative darts?)

    I just want to ask you folks one thing - can anyone recall a Nerf blaster, that has been leaked, then hitting the retail shelves BEFORE any recognition or official word from Nerf?

    So I got to ask - who else is looking to pack these??


    1. I'll live with the 5 shots, it'll be easier to holster in my cargo shorts! $15 is pretty steep. I'll be buying 2 and waiting for sales/coupons before buying 4 more. I didn't expect it to be a Target exclusive, that's interesting... I'm growing more disheartened by the Revonix I wanted - I think I'm giving up on vortex all-together. Now what's the scoop on that Winchester!! :D

    2. They're not actually selling them yet.

    3. i really want to get 2 of these.

    4. I'll be getting at least two of these... Being a dart down is a pretty fair tradeoff for being able to dual-wield them without the roar of flywheels, and these look like they can easily have a pirate-style bandolier made for them because the bar on the end extends past the end of the darts enough.

    5. Shut up and take my money!! Any news on a release date? Ahh!!! I need this!

    6. Luuuurrve the box art and the green darts are a nice touch. Still not sure if I want one of these but I'm trying hard to think of a reason why not.

      It does seem a bit strange how this has come out of the blue. I'm starting to get the feeling that Hasbro have got too much on their plate at the moment. Lots of new lines coming out this year.

    7. if you or a friend have a friend that has a target Red Card and a employee discount the total comes out to about 12 bucks :)

    8. WTF is a DECO?

    9. Any news on the sledgeshot? I've heard rumors, but no pictures have been revealed. Any info MLD or is it NDA?

    10. I'm guessing "deco" is short for decoration? A repaint of an existing blaster? At that pricepoint, a Firestrike or a Triad? Maybe a large pack of green darts?
      I'm a little sad these are a Target exclusive - that implies it's not going to be all that large of a marketing push. Unless just the Hammershot is the exclusive.

    11. I like the steam-punk look, but, the Aussie version will be more expensive and less powerful... OMW to the rescue I guess :)

    12. Decontamination kit? Or Decontaminator? I can't think of anything else zombie-themed that starts with 'deco'.

    13. Blaster that was released without any marketing hype?

      Jolts. Came out of nowhere.

    14. I love the Zombie theme..... I'll get that this a the sledgefire. Hopefully the put out a rocket launcher of some kind...

    15. This looks epic... well... Thats my new load out sorted
      Primary: Stryfe with a retaliatot stock
      Secondary: Retaliator with recon stock (unless I get the stockade stock)
      Pistol: Duel wield Hammershots
      Melee: The zombiestrike sword