Tuesday, 16 July 2013

NerfNation takes a step closer... towards to confirming Zombie Foam Apocalypse

NerfNation takes a step closer... towards confirming Zombie Apocalypse

So! After the official unveil of the range, we see NerfNation finally taking the plunge and starting up its hype (a little behind the curve...!) - but as they say "better late than never"

Some unwelcome guests are about to crash Nerf Nation!
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It is of common acceptance, to stop a Zombie dead in its tracks (pun intended ha ha...) it's a headshot that does the job best. But in the world of NerfNation, not the case! Check their hotlist targets:

There's a Zombie Invasion in Nerf Nation!
Take aim and blast away before it's too late!

So my main question to you is this:

Are the leaks killing the NerfNation hype... or is Baidu actually doing them a favour?


  1. Notice it says nothing about a headshot?

    1. Can't be encouraging the precious children to shoot each other in the head, that'd be unsafe! Lawyers these days...

    2. [Alex] I guess the Nerf Zombies either are immune to headshots, or dont need eye protection since they know the lawyers are on their side :-P

    3. or chest, that's where I usually aim.

      "oh crap a zombie! shoot him in the elbow!"

    4. I would say F*** the law if I could but yes, this is a matter of "for safety reasons". But one would assume that anyone who can think rationally would make the right choice as to keeping safe while playing a nerf war with headshots enabled. Seriously, playing video games is more damaging to your body than getting headshotted in a Nerf war

  2. Hey mld I talked with nerf and got this http://imgur.com/mUFxsqN

  3. lol, "No no, kids... Zombies die when you shoot the parts of them that are Parent-Approved! Shoot the legs off! Shoot their arms off!" Oh Hasbro, that was the laugh I needed this morning!