Thursday, 18 July 2013

NerfNation release new Zombie Strike poster - with a darker twist..?

NerfNation is certainly keeping us fans on our toes, with yet another upload of a new Nerf Zombie Strike range poster - but the blasters appear to be different? Thanks to MarcusH for the heads up.

The shades appear to be darker, more fitting to the range and it's evil undertones. I wonder if the backlash has anything to do from the outspoken fans? If you are not aware of the range officially released so far, check it on out here. I certainly fired over my comments and collected those of other Nerf fans.
Hopefully the comments and suggestions have been taken on board. after all they're prototypes.

EDIT: update Nerf confirm they've used darker shades compared to the Hasbro Press Release. Fanpower!!


  1. Sledgefire just moved from my 'maybe' to my 'definitely' list.

  2. I know it is harder to change a mold than a paint job... but maybe this also means there is still time to motivate them to do further work on the rest of the line!