Monday, 29 July 2013

Nerf Vault hits the NASS Festival and Hasbro to create their own HvZ ruleset?

Hasbro UK seriously spreading the word and sexing up Nerf in the UK with their Vault tour.

Thanks to Hasbro UK for sending this to me - the latest video taken from their Experiential Vault tour at the NASS festival location:

I asked Hasbro what the plans might be for fans in the US, and they said if it is successful they will start tours State to State, so watch this space.

We are already seeing Hasbro Italy, Hasbro France, and a few other territories in Europe taking advantage of these Experiential tours.

That said also, Hasbro UK will be looking to run roadshows about supporting Humans vs Zombies at colleges (not clear if they have their own rulesets). I asked them how the range came about, according to Hasbro they have been conducting surveys/research in to the Zombie phenomenon since 2010 and so we see the result of the Zombie Strike range. I tried to find info further to any rulesets, but they wouldn't disclose anything just yet. They stated they ran some roadshows in the UK at universities to promote Nerf as a brand, and plan to do this again in the near future.
PS. I went to check out The Wolverine movie on Saturday, and saw this on the cinema screen, it was pretty epic I have to say, and looking around at everyone say in there, they were all "Wooow what was that??" and proceeded to either check their phones or Google Nerf :). The Ad is below :)


  1. I was there at the festival with my mates, it was really good fun playing with that stuff. I'm glad they're doing more for the UK Nerf scene.

  2. So what's the secret blaster!?!?

  3. nice, which they had this in America man