Monday, 29 July 2013

Nerf Rebelle Vision Gear & Collectible Darts appear on throw up listing for the new Nerf Rebelle Vision Gear

Props to SBNC for the heads up on this.
Nerf Rebelle Vision Gear
Price: $9.99
Product Description

From the Manufacturer:
Who says you can't look sharp when you gear up for a Rebelle duel? You'll stand out when you suit up with your Vision Gear eyewear. This awesome eyewear gives you the super-cool look of a serious competitor and helps you give every shot your best shot. Put these on, grab your blaster (not included) and make your stand.

Product Description

Nerf Rebelle Vision Gear
Product Features
  • Vision Gear eyewear protects you
  • Gives you the sharp look of a serious competitor
  • Includes Vision Gear eyewear
    • Product Measures: 6.5" x 5.75" x 2.44"
    • Recommended Ages: 8 years and up

- Sensibly priced at $9.99, the funky looking Vision Gear is something I will pick up myself. The Dart Tag range for the boys is a bit more varied however the price point sits somewhere from $15 - $20 a pair.

Price: $20.97

Product Description
From the Manufacturer:
Who says you can't look sharp while you load up for a Rebelle duel? Be ready for action at a moment's notice with this Refill Pack. It includes 12 foam darts in 6 fun, stylish patterns. Load your blaster (not included) with these fashionable Rebelle darts and make your stand.

- not convinced that 12 collectible darts are worth $20. Perhaps for the female demographic it's fine as they tend to collect cosmetics, clothes etc, and the whole fashion scene customisation side is a bigger thing for them than male counterparts. Check here for more Nerf Rebelle box art and Sales descriptions.

Question is - who's tempted to pick up the new Rebelle Vision Gear & Collectibles?

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  1. The Dart Tag Vision Gear looks like coolified safety goggles, while the Rebelle one looks like sunglasses with a pink lens.