Thursday, 18 July 2013

Nerf Rebelle Sweet Revenge images (formerly known as Wildshot)

Thanks for this email from James Phua, sending me images of his Nerf Rebelle Sweet Revenge. Pic spam to follow:

I first broke this unveil back in February this year, and this blaster has always been a fan favourite - regardless of gender. I'm not sure why we see the name change, perhaps it was not in fitting with the rest of the line? Also, still not packaging? Neder Nerf unveiled near all the box art for the Rebelle range as we know it, but the Sweet Revenge / Wildshot still remains unseen. Perhaps the full shift to adopting the Sweet Revenge they have had to redo everything.

We see the continued show of the collectible darts - I would like to see more of this for the NSE range. We had the digital and GITD range, with promise in the new Zombie Strike range also.

What I really want to see is confirmed internal images, to satisfy my curiosity and give modders what they want to really see. I have requested that James crack It open and show us the money! Will update as soon as I get the images.
We do of course have the Zombie Strike Hammershot internals shots:

I'm still pumped for this, and don't mind the colour scheme. What are you folks saying?


  1. W code darts I see. My daughter would love this blaster, must get one!

  2. That's 'formerly', not 'formally'.

  3. Yep, I'm getting this instead of a Hammershot.

  4. There are internal shots of the ZS Hammershot on the net, same as this. My little girl wants one of these, so eagerly awaiting the Mission Kit. Darts are now shown as coming soon on Tesco website in UK.

  5. When did this thing become a 5-shot blaster? I could swear early versions had 6.