Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Nerf Rebelle site goes live + promo video!

Nerf Rebelle site has gone live, and also we get a nice sneak peak at a rather polished video, check it out, thanks to Hasbro for the heads up:

A lot of the work in the promo has taken much of the presentation pitch that was given by Envisual. You can appreciate (guys) the angle they are coming in at - their target audience is after all female. I don't see why we don't have a unisex attitude to the blasters, but there we go, Focus Groups say otherwise!

With the imminent launch of this site, it brings us one step closer to seeing these officially on shelves - the Rebelle Guardian and Pink Crush are already on general sale in the UK at The Entertainer.

Ok so, the video, kick back and enjoy the cheese :P

I showed the video to some female friends for their honest opinion, and they thought it was actually for a Cancer Awareness advert. Uhm... what happened to those Focus Groups?
Where the Nerf N-Strike brand has it's "Nerf or Nothin' " motto, Super Soaker has it's "Soak or be Soaked", we see the Rebelle picking up "Step up, Stand out!". It's catchy and a strong motto for females.

Got to remember this is targeted at girls, so the Nerf of Nothin' approach will not work here. They have clearly done their homework in the sense, and are looking at this as a longterm investment than an expensive testing the water.

It's all about teamwork, confidence, and being strong minded as well as fit. The actors used are clearly young pretty "model" females. Playing outside and re enacting the Hunger Games. You can't escape that no matter how you angle it. In fact if you remember, they answered my questions at the Conference to that effect.

The video states "Batteries not included" - so what's that mean? I'm guessing we will we see a motorised blaster(s)?. I straight off thought of the App... but smartphones don't use regular Duracell ;)
Regardless, i'm still going pick the range up, possibly hit them up with paintjobs - how about you?


  1. overload of hunger games much??? at least they are promoting the opposite of what twilight basically gave for an idol.

  2. Why is it I always see 'promo' as 'porno'...

  3. [Alex] When Rebelle first caught our attention, I was stoked to get most of the blasters in the range. But now, with the ZS Crossfire, HammerShot and Sidestrike "equivalents" ... Im going to wait for those instead. I may still pick up the Heartbreaker bow since I prefer the look, function and regular dart firing than the Blazin Bow equivalent lol.