Monday, 1 July 2013

Nerf Rebelle Pink Crush unboxing + internals

Thanks to OldNoob for posting this up! One of the first of many Rebelle unboxings!

So what do we know so far about this little blaster? Official Sales Description:

£7.99 Pink Crush Mini Crossbow
(HASBRO/Ages 8 & up/Approx. Retail Price $9.99/Available: Fall 13)
Stealth yet powerful, the NERF REBELLE PINK CRUSH mini crossbow is a lightweight, sleek crossbow that lets girls get in the game with confidence and flair. Don’t let its sweet pink deco fool you – when the action gets tough, so does this crossbow! With elite performance that sends darts soaring up to 75 feet away and ample room for backup ammo on the bow’s arms, it allows players to rapidly reload at a moment’s notice. The NERF REBELLE PINK CRUSH mini crossbow comes complete with four collectible darts. Available at most major retailers nationwide and on

So here we go with the unboxing and his commentary:

Thanks to a heads up on here, my pink crush arrived today. No video as I just got in from work!

Box art looks nice, packaging opened out to reveal a very neat, curvy design. The bow arms are separate and mine don't clip in fully, I will fix that later! Note that I did NOT get the printed darts with this blaster, only re coloured elites.

 With the arms on

Next to a nite finder for comparison.
Well, it feels comfy in my shovel hands, the draw is quite strong and it looks to be a good blaster for range, I shot it in a 30ft hall and it hit the end with almost no drop! Sorry about the paucity of info but I will put more up later.

-- So I have to say i'm pleasantly pleased with this myself. Not having a Nitefinder of my own (tho I do think this is more of a pinpoint-less Firestrike - maybe pink L.E.Ds cost too much? ;) ), this will be a welcome addition to my own blaster haul so far. The shell work is nice, but i'm not convinced for us lads this will be used with the wing-dart holder accessory. Tho we might see some funky paint jobs on these.

So, those with the Nitefinder#Firestrike (are yours modded?) - will you be picking this up?


  1. Just wanted to add big props to Britnerfer BAYWATCH who posted the amazon seller up for us. Thanks MLD!

  2. Probably not, since I already own a firestrike, but it looks like a solid blaster for anyone to use.

  3. With an alien style paint job and without the bow arms this could look really different, ergonomically it is really comfortable, and due to the way the shell wraps tight round the plunger tube, slim too. A really viable alternative to the FS, I put this one outside today and it shot around 60 ft, no idea what velocity is but should be on a par with the rest of the elite line. My little girl loves it and has shot me many times at close range, it does sting a bit and at less than 5ft leaves a temporary red mark!

  4. Check out Target Stores online. Rebelle hammershot style blaster comes with a freaking holster!!!!