Monday, 15 July 2013

Nerf Inteliscope pops up for sale on TaoBao

Your chance to bag the new Nerf Inteliscope! Find out how below.

Super props to my bro pSyk for this heads up on this, we finally have a name for the Nerf AR cradle - Inteliscope, and what's more it's up for grabs on TaoBao for a princely sum of ¥180.00 Chinese Yuan ($30USD)

We have confirmation from Hasbro that there will be an Android App cradle, but we will have to wait on the release. The main issue being that the Android range is so wide and varied from standard to phablets size. The Nerf Mission App can be found here on iTunes. To see the unboxing, check out Urban Taggers.

In case you has not noticed, I've blown it up a little...

You can make out the Rampage... WITH a shield. Tease or just image screw up?

So how many of you will have to wait it out because you have Android/BB than iOS?


  1. They could at least go ahead and release the app for Android so those of us with a little creativity can work out our own way of attaching the phone to our blasters.

  2. the app itself isn't released in all App Stores. the german one can't load the app. hmpf.

  3. I'm an Android guy... and I don't care at all about what Nerf has in store for us, because the App will surely be aimed at 10-14 year olds. I'll enjoy my Tek Recons tyvm.

    1. You can take your tek recon "insults" and leave, nerf posts and thoughts and tek recon posts and thoughts should be separate to avoid conflict. I'm older than your stated age range and I like this a whole lot more than tek recon.