Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Monopoly Empire - Hasbro, Nerf, Transformers - you could own it all and more! :D

Monopoly maker Hasbro has recently launched a shorter and speedier version of the board game. Typically-long and one that I never minded, it is a bid to attract the latest generation of the classic board game players who don't have the time to play the game's full version. Named `Monopoly Empire,' the quicker new version of the board game is aimed children aged 8 years and older.

The new `Monopoly Empire' game can be completed in barely 30 minutes, so that it can fit into the busy schedules - which include dance classes, band practice, football tryouts, and other activities - of the young gamers.

Players will have the choice of six tokens to play as, including a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, a Ducati motorcycle, a Coca Cola glass bottle, an Xbox controller, a Paramount Pictures movie clapboard and McDonald's French Fries.

With Hasbro having figured that kids do not have time to waste (or patience?), the makers of the US version of the board game are seemingly so concerned by time-poor kids that they have done away with the jail in the new speedier version of the game. This is a move which will `save' children's time because they will not have to wait to roll a double.

Other than making Monopoly a speedier game to play for the young  generation players, another change which the makers have brought aboard the new `Monopoly Empire' version is that players will no longer fight to own properties, as you did in the original game. Rather, you will have to compete to buy brands, like Coca-Cola and McDonald's.

Latest from Hasbro lets players collect 'world famous' brands; 22 renowned brands feature.     
For the first time ever, Hasbro has gathered 22 of the world's leading brands to feature on the new Monopoly Empire, including Transformers and Nerf.

Big brand names such as McDonald's and Xbox feature among many in a game encouraging players to collect, buy and trade companies in a bid to 'own it all,'

I'm not sure I agree with this type of premise - that kids don't have the attention span. I play boardgames with my Nephew and family all the time, and we love the time, laughs and company we share together. Anyone else have the same feeling?

I have been able to recognise the follow following brands that will also feature in the new board game:

Electronic Arts
Beats by Dr Dre
X Games
Paramount Pictures
Coca Cola
Under Armour

Where do you stand on this - have they got it right that kids/people don't want to waste the time?


  1. The cover looks like a vision of hell. When will the communist edition be out? (Joke, work it out...,)

  2. Monopoly: Consumerism Edition. (You all know it's true.)

    1. Can you play as a greedy hedge fund manager?