Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Heads up UK fans - Nerf Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 launching officially 1/08/2013

As many of you fans know, the RapidStrike launches tomorrow, and with it Nerf launch a media campaign for the blaster. Hit the link for more.

What can UK fans expect? Well Nerf have been pretty busy in the lead up to this launch, with the following in store:

- The NEW FULL TV spot will be revealed and played out across all kids networks tomorrow between 4:55-5pm (21 second teaser above)

- NEW Nerf Rapidstrike Website will launch

- Nerf takeovers of Roblox, Miniclip and Cartoon Network homepages will activate

- Most importantly the blaster will be available on shelves around the UK

I have to admit, I've been pretty slow with my Nerf Rapidstrike review, just a case of finding the time to put it all together - plus nail down the blaster giveaway! Expect some updates shortly.


  1. Hey MLD, first time writer, got my Rapidstrike just this morning at half 9ish, went to Argos in Gloucester and they weren't expecting any in for a week or so! just went down to Toys R Us and picked it up instead, and by jingo is it a piece of kit.. looks atrocious with any barrel extensions on though, dunno why they did that! regardless, spits out foam like no-one's business and it's made me a very happy guy! Can't wait to see more from your blog, checkin it daily!

    1. Hey Heretic-111, great to hear from you! Thanks for the kind words :)

      Yeah I love my RS, it's so awesome, especially with a drum :) It does run thru clips like no ones business haha. A definite addition to your loadout or do you have something else more specialised going on? Be sure to check out our FB page!

    2. Y'damn straight it's in my loadout.. then again, i'm a heavier kinda nerfer, never attended any event but i love my chosen blasters. I've probably done the same but i have the Elite Rayven with the Retaliator barrel extension, the Stryfe with the Longstrike's extension and the Retaliator's stock, but the stock itself was too small for me, so i stuck some toilet tissue tubes on the back with some duck tape and s'all good now! Thanks for replying, definitely nice to have such a popular blogger who gives a hoot enough to reply!

  2. thanks for the announcement I picked up 2 today mld, love the blog