Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Nerf official sponsor of the F.A Junior Premier League

Hasbro Nerf have been champions of being the #1 outdoor active fun for fans young or kidult for many years. Now they are matching that passion with the Football Association Junior Premier League initiative. Many thanks to Hasbro for this press release:

"THE JUNIOR PREMIER LEAGUE SIGNS SPONSORSHIP DEAL WITH NERF, THE UK’s #1 OUTDOOR SPORTS TOY BRAND Nerf is a Top 10 Toy Property in the UK and #1 in Outdoor Sports Toy for Boys. Promoting active play, the Nerf brand from Hasbro produces products ranging from dart blasters to football for kids of all ages.

JPL Chairman Martin Brock said “Having an internationally recognised brand, and the world’s premier branded play company as our title sponsor is fantastic for us and we are looking forward to building a long term relationship”.

We will now be known as the Nerf Junior Premier League, and this new partnership will bring some exciting new opportunities for the league.

As a company, Hasbro and the Nerf brand are especially committed to giving back to the community and supporting sports at a grass roots level.
Henry Gordon, Senior Brand Manager for Nerf said “Partnering with the Junior Premier league is an exciting opportunity for the Nerf brand in the UK. Nerf is all about active play and allowing kids to achieve the impossible. The brand started as a foam ball in the 1960’s so it’s a great fit for us to be able to partner with a sport so close to the brand’s DNA”.

This sponsorship will allow us to expand our Futsal tournament, as well as giving us the opportunity to create a brand new Street Soccer competition. The sponsorship will also give us the chance to develop our coaches and enhance the Cup Final at the end of the season.

The Nerf brand will also be giving time to support our events, in addition to allowing us to have some fun with their products! All clubs in the league will receive a box from Nerf full of fantastic merchandise for the players to have fun with.

The Junior Premier League would like to thank Hasbro and its Nerf brand for their support and we are looking forward to building a strong and enjoyable relationship to help develop the league; and strengthen what we can offer our teams and players."

Got to say this is an awesome way for them to get new blood in to the Nerf hobby, but also it's a good move to help support the movement of fair-play and as importantly team play. Whilst this is a UK thing, I don't see why it could not take off in other territories. I would strongly suggest you get in touch with your local blogger and ask them to put it on the table :)

They also have a Nerf Futsal Tournament coming up - check the details below:

Futsal Tournament Announced

The care packages will most definitely go quite some way in drumming up more word-of-mouth and give people the chance to play with them, rather than see them in stores or online. This is a win/win situation for both the JPL and Nerf, so if you are a parent of a fan or parent of football/Nerf, check out the details on the Junior Premier League site.

There’ll also be a page sitting on the full website launching 1st August: www.nerfelite.co.uk

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