Thursday, 18 July 2013

Hasbro KRE-O unveil Star Trek U.S.S Vengeance set

Hasbro has this week at Comic-Con been giving fans a peek at one of its latest toys in the Star Trek line, a Kre-o building set version of the U.S.S. Vengeance.

For more Kre-O Trekkie goodness, check out the other kits available here. So, on with the show!

Vengeance is the main villain ship from Into Darkness, and the Kre-o version will be 18 inches long, has a cockpit that opens and can fit a Kreon figure to navigate the ship.

It also features "Lighttech Illuminated Stealth Light" and warp engines! The Vengeance can fire two on-board projectiles, and comes with four Kreon figures: Scotty and three villains.

The building set includes 326 pieces and will hit stores this fall, retailing for $49.99. A constructed set will be on display in Hasbro's booth (#3213) at the San Diego Comic Con.

IF you are a Dungeons and Dragons fan, boy are you in for a treat!

As a Trekkie fan, got to say i'm loving the kit :) Are you?

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