Thursday, 25 July 2013

End of an Era, but the start of an internet Icon Legacy.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome to Urban Taggers.

Welcome to Urban Taggers ; a blog dedicated to the gentle art of running around your friendly neighbourhood and frantically shooting at your friends without causing any injuries or pain:) On the whole we'll be covering all things to do with out-of-the-box Nerf, Super Soaker and Lazer Tag and anything else we can think of that involves toy shooting goodness!

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The very first post to go live on Urban Taggers...

-to the last:

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thanks for reading:)

Well it's that time. Rather than just let this fizzle and look like another un-maintained blog without reason, I just wanted to let you all know after a lot of thought, I've decided to call it a day and finish up Urban Taggers ( more)

From Iron Man mask shenanigans to breaking the first news and exclusives for many years, Urban Taggers became the ones to follow, the ones to watch for latest intel - the standard for any blog.

I first started following (religiously) Urban Taggers back in December '12. It didn't feel like your run of the mill blogging, there was something attention grabbing and fun about what he did. It was fresh and always cutting edge. In time I started up the MyLastDart blog with Pocket and Basic Nerf being the main reason.

It's hard not to get any recognition from companies when you pretty much do it for free. Pocket got all his own blasters, and was his own man. Nowadays we have NDA and such. Despite my own incidents with Hasbro, I still keep my own opinion and honesty. Something I have made Hasbro UK accept. Sure I get my own share of gear from them, but it's part of the package with working with them. Though it can be seen as a fickle relationship, I risk losing it all with some articles I write and topics I cover, but stick to my opinions. A lot of the Nerf bloggers I think are afraid to speak their minds. It's actually something Pocket commented on that we share when we first spoke.

He broke so much news, so many exclusives, made a point of being independent and supporting himself by buying blasters, and I guess started the whole addiction of the wider NIC to seek breaking news.

To follow, read and savour every opinion made by Pocket was turned on it's head if I can say that when I personally felt the brunt of Hasbro over my own MegaGate. It was suggested I seek Pockets advice as he shared a similar situation (PocketGate). 

That was pretty weird, but crazycool. I was conversing with a Hero of mine :) I looked up to him, and took inspiration from Pocket. He is an awesome guy, with time for anyone who sought his help. He gave me some great advice, and it was hilarious to listen to his stories about Nerf and blogging.

A major "woaaah" moment was when he said that he enjoyed following my blog and my style. It meant more when I broached the subject of Affiliation and he was happy to do it. That, and the opportunity to interview 'Pocket fulla foam - head fulla Nerf (NSFW)' were one of the milestones in my blog career I won't forget.

One of our UT crew. After these pics what'd she say? "I need a bigger gun"

Having spoken at length with Pocket about Nerf and such on Skype, Google Chat, Facebook, it became clear that with a mix of personal life (when doesn't it get in the way!) and the impact of PocketGate were the beginning of the end. I have been gee'ing him along since March this year, but in the end you have to let someone decide what they want to do.

It's real sad to see this finally happen and I understand as a UT fan myself, how all his followers are feeling. I can't say I didn't expect it to happen, you never really fully prepare for when it does.. He's a creative, talented, new-thinking guy so I know he has been thinking of writing a new blog in a topic completely away from toy blasters. Sad to say, he is done with Nerf and toy blasters blog wise.

Pocket, all the best in future endeavours.

Tried to keep you ticking over, but sometimes you gotta back off and let someone do what they got to do. You went out on top, and that can't be taken from you.

I will sincerely miss your rants, you led the blog your way from day 1, and you leave a big hole in the Nerf blog scene. You did it your way.

You changed the attitude of Nerf in Australia, and opened those shelves up to massive stock ranges. It continues to grow, and Aussie fans appreciate it man.

You have been my Yoda and taught me a lot, and with your wise words I will continue to beat out my own path.

I agree your decision that you shouldn't hand UT over to anyone who hasn't got the experience and passion as you did to grow that baby from day 1. Even if you find someone with the same passion, they will always be overshadowed by you, and that's not fair on them or the site you built up in a sense. One thing that can't be denied to you is an awesome legacy you leave behind. I would hate to see it go the way of NMR, so good call.

Speaking of legacy, you leave behind a source of inspiration for others to take up the keyboard and notepad.txt to start writing and sharing their thoughts with the NIC.

It's odd how someone can have an impact on you as a person that you have never met. But that's just another one of the webs mysteries :) Good health, stay strong and keep rockin it bro :)

Take it easy, stay safe and don't be a stranger my friend.



  1. Dude, that almost brought a tear to my eye :`(

    1. Shit I hear you dude

  2. Jackson Williams25 July 2013 at 11:43

    Great post man, i'm real sad to see it end, but at least it's there to read :)

  3. great write off for a great news site. you will be missed pocket

  4. We all move on, sorry to see Urban Taggers and Co leave. So that makes you the main Nerf blog now, no pressure.

    1. Some great words. One of the best sources for Stock is gone. Best of luck to you Pocket.Esq

      SGNerf is top I think you will find now, this guy then Basic.

    2. SG Nerf has been dead for a while actually, so MLD and Basic lead the pack now.

    3. Hey Anon - SG Nerf is still active, alive and kicking and far from dead man.

    4. Okay... but with no posts since May 30, you can see how we would think otherwise -

  5. Awesome post, I think he would be proud of this.

  6. what the fuck have I woke up to? going back to bed.

  7. Wow you act like the guy is dead, bloggers come and go, don't you remember Jerm quitting? At least he ain't leaving it to morons like NMR

  8. Seems there is always someone at a funiral trying to start shit, in this case it's you mld. You have a beef with foam from above,have it with them & shoot them an email or comment on thier blog. What you have done comes across as an atempt at selfpromotion. Outside of your digs the rest of the NIC has been fairly positive & not going for each others throats to fill the vacuum that Pocket has left.

    1. I don't think that's what MLD is doing, but I'm certainly glad he posted this. I don't really have words other than its internet bullying on FFA side. It annoys me this has been going on for so long.

    2. Anon - only one person can fill the void left by Pocket, and that is the man himself! Im my own blog and identity and UT was their own. No one can replace or fill their boots. I'm not trying to stir drama, simply fans should know how he has mistreated Pocket/UrbanTaggers.

  9. Are you for real?

  10. You do realize that FFA has said at least once that Hasbro doesn't get him in to Toy Fair, he has to apply himself and pay his own way.

    1. hi anon, I know how it works having attended a show myself and you can easily request a +1 for attendance. Pocket was actually there on vacation in new york so it's not like he was wanting him to pay for him. Just a favour to shouting out an invite. I was also heading out there this year till my back surgery op was bought forward, and had mentioned meeting up, which he refused. Honestly I ain't a mad axe murderer :) if he was being paid to blog that's a different story, you want to keep that to yourself.

  11. Hey there man,

    A bit concerned over the last paragraph you posted. I doubt you'd want to start any kind of things. Not really good to wash dirty linens in public especially since your blog has quite high traffic.

    That's just my 2 cents though. You're still one of my favorite bloggers :)

  12. Hmm. Not sure what to think here. Trying to compliment one blogger while tearing down another. I don't know the details, and it sounds like one guy might have handled things poorly, but you are kind of making yourself look bad in how you've presented this. I appreciate what you do for the NIC, but I'm a but put off by what could very well be construed as public slander. Maybe we should just call it what it is...