Monday, 29 July 2013

Blazin' Bow sighted on shelves in California

"Scoping out the Rapidstrike at Target in Culver City, CA. Saw this, too. DPCI 087-11-0340. $19.99."

Props to mikejonas found this whilst hunting for a Rapidstrike at a Target store:

This - like the Revonix360, have dropped off the PR wagon and found themselves in the basket of unloved blasters. It's all about bows this year (Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow, Zing Toys Slayerz bow+++) and with the fast approaching Hunger Games 2 fast on the tracks fans seem to be loving it all up.
The feedback from many people is they like what they see, and will definitely be picking them up. I have to say, having played around with the Heartbreaker Bow myself, it's kinda... weak?  The plunger can't be any bigger than the Firestrike (might even be smaller??).
The original Big Bad Bow shot up to 35ft so it would appear in this redesign we are seeing some improvement internally as well as aesthetically.
Sales Description:

Product Description:

"Take your archery skills to the extreme with the awesome BIG BAD BOW launcher! Standing more than two feet tall, and designed just like a real compound bow, this cool launcher can fire soft foam NERF arrows up to forty feet away! So pull it back, aim and launch as you try out this extreme archery… NERF style!

Bow comes with three NERF arrows, label sheet and instructions.
Some assembly required.
Ages 6 & up."

The Big Bad Bow still retails at $19.99.
Originally seen at the New York Toy Fair 2013, it was under the 'Mega Blazin Bow' label, only to be renamed Blazin Bow, the reason being it was never part of the Mega range so it's been relegated to simply be 'Blazin Bow'. Rather than be put in the Elite range, it sits patiently in the N-Strike range - a future upgrade perhaps? The original range was confirmed at 40 feet, but since the name change nothing has been since updated.
Original Sales Description is below:
"Nerf N-Strike Mega Blazin' Bow
Who’s ready for MEGA NERF action? Send MEGA sized foam arrows soaring across the sky with the NERF N-STRIKE MEGA BLAZIN’ BOW toy. The BLAZIN’ BOW toy features an authentic compound bow design that you simply pull back, aim, and release to fire the MEGA foam arrows. The MEGA BLAZIN’ BOW toy can hit targets from up to an impressive 40 feet away, and comes complete with integrated storage for additional foam MEGA arrows. Includes three MEGA foam arrows. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and Price will be around £19.99gbp"
I had hoped we would get something a bit more beefier and trigger based, but if this mechanism does equal justice and more, then happy days for fans. For now, my Zing Toys Air Storm bow does the business.


  1. note the absence of the "Elite" banner, N-Strike's swan song maybe?

    1. That's been known since it was first introduced. They never said it was going to be part of the Elite line.

    2. Blazin' Bow, not Big Bad Bow.

    3. There is still time for them to pump out one more N-Strike, probably won't, but still time.

  2. So N-strike is still continued?

    1. I guess until fans start to properly buy Elite yeah. There is more demand for N-Strike than there is for Elite. Go figure! Kids think that Elite is just blue, no performance difference or anything else.

    2. ive pitted my retaliator vs both a standard and modded recon elite is better

  3. I'm gonna get a couple of these, and cruise thrift stores for a Big Bad Bow, and make a rifle-mounted slug gun, then include instructions on my blog as to how to make said slug gun.