Monday, 24 June 2013

What Havbrou done?? A MEGA doo doo for many NIC fans

*scream* REVERSE-PLUNGER *scream*

First - mucho gracias and props to Mr Langley over at NerfHaven for stepping up and giving the NIC a first look at the internals of the new Mega Centurion. You can check the whole album below:
LangleyLGLF's Centurion album on Photobucket


Okokok, enough with the screams, but cmon, HOW have we gone backwards in blaster tech? On a new line of all things? Speaking to a number of fans, I found they felt upset and cheated. With all the feedback given to Hasbro to avoid mistakes of older failed sniper models - is it so simple to say "it's all been blatantly ignored."

We've had similar reverse-plunger blasters that have had abysmal ranges and needed a degree of mod love to put it "right."

Hasbro seem to have even gone as far as put measures in place to restrict even the most determined of mod fans, by adding deep slits in the draw of the plunger tube. These are difficult to reach, even more harder to put "right".

Modders such as Bobololo was found to be shouting:
"GOD DAMMIT! IT'S REVERSED PLUNGERED!!!!!!!!!!!! And those slits in the PT?!?!?! FUCK!"

When asked if he would tackle it anyway, his response sounded pretty final:
"Probably not. I'm looking forward to tackling the [censored for NDA], I want to put those RC heli motors in it :P" 

I asked pSyk what he had to say about it all:
"I HATE IT!! Man i was SO disappointed you have NO idea. But if I get my hands on one.... I'll prolly devise some homemade direct plunger system."

Heng, head of Xplorer had this:
"We won't make any promises as yet because we need to physically see the blaster and it's internals to decide what we can do with it. However, being a reverse plunger is actually good news for us because there will certainly room for improvement. At Xplorer, when we say improvement, we mean a range of between 75 feet to 150 feet range fired PTG. Like all Xplorer products, we work with stefans exclusively. But with the Centurion, we might think "out of the box" for this one and come up with something new and exciting. The prime concerns for us is to make a kit that is easy to install, affordable, reliable and most of all safe to use."

In what is probably one of the first in game battle plays, Basic Nerf briefly had this to say:

"in game experience with it left me a bit sour" [Basic Nerf]

Adherence to the K.E.D safety standards has put a massive damper for different territories, with the US boasting up to 100ft (range tests achieving around average of 40-70ft). The UK fans can expect a blaster range of up to 80ft (test firing to be seen, but expected to similar after US tests) - what the Australians get is likely to be worse due to their more extreme safety requirements?

For much of the community, the feeling is that of a mixed one. Some simply feel it's not worth buying at all, when the existing Nerf Elite Stock barely hit their 75ft - why would fans spend double the money for what seems less? What is interesting, is the desire for mod fans to rip out the internals and put in homemade blasters. Not quite what Hasbro were thinking or hoping for from fans.


I should say the NIC.

The NIC is somewhat of a special beast. We are pretty hardcore fans when it comes to Nerf. Be you a mod or not. It doesn't matter, Hasbro have captured our need for new information and sightings of unseen blasters like no other brand to date. When the Mega Centurion was announced officially by the Nerf Fb page, there was probably a 1:10 ratio of people who knew about it already, and the rest were blown away by the Centurion news.

I guess it's going to impress parents, and folks that just don't know/care enough about it to pick them up in droves :)

Some have this blaster shelved as better suited to the LARP and Cosplay, than any in game use. I am looking to hold out, possibly even import from the US. My mod skills are limited from basic to none :)  So I guess it's down to Remedy Metal, OMW, XplorerSG and Blasterparts to put this right!

So do you folks have any idea what those slits are intended to do? why a reverse plunger? would a direct damage the MegaDarts?

How about you? Are what are your feelings on this?


  1. Im pretty sure with enough clamour to it some company's like Xplorer,Remedy or OMW are going to do changes to it. Like Zombie Slayer Direct Plunger for the Longstrike which greatly improve ranges.
    And.... this might just be my opinion, but I actually like challenges and trying to mod this beast looks like it will be one XD.
    The price is still not worth it. I wonder if we can fit stephans or elites in there somehow.

  2. If we could somehow close the slits, would the ranges be bigger?

    1. Correct, i'm guessing a full (but painstaking) job would see this fit to flat 100ft ranges+

  3. Seem like a money spinner to me. Reversed PT for 2013 and 2 years down the line an (ellite) direct PT for it.
    Very disappointed with this blaster.
    Feel like the UK market are getting bent over at RRP £49.99 which works out at $76.85 USD. So we'll end paying over $25 more for 20 feet less range.
    When I first heard about this blaster I was going to get 2 now I might not even bother now.
    TF Britnerf forums.

  4. I think I understand the entire concept of the slits. The slits create a kind of burst-fire pressure system to pump the dart through the rifling system to get it to spin without getting stuck or torn apart. To recreate the effect with a direct plunger might make the blaster longer than it already is, or larger in diameter where the plunger tube would be. I'd rather experiment with multiple direct plunger assemblies pushing a modded air zone mogo dart through a rifled barrel.

  5. [Alex] I know many fans / NIC guys out there are face-palming it up like there is no tomorrow. But for me I'm still excited to give the Centurion a chance.

    Sure, reverse plunger isn't the best or ideal internal design as opposed to direct plunger.

    Ok, it's a big, chunky blaster that not everyone wants to haul around, like for indoor wars - and particularly that the barrel is a required and permanent fixture is more than a bit derp.

    Yep, initial range tests do sound disappointing compared to what it has been hyping up to, and that's not even boiling down to what the Nerf'ed Australian version has in store for us!

    In the end, I feel that for those who do not wish to mod, or have no ability to mod blasters, are the ones who are going to get let down by the Centurion bomb-shell the most.

    But for me, I'm still keen, although I am a modder rather than a stock-form user. I'm hopeful to see how it is affected by filling up those slits; will it be a positive, or negative effect? I haven't even seen or heard anything about if it has any Air Restrictors in the breech system yet, imagine if it had AR's and taking them out? And what about adding a stronger spring? And for those who are considering it, changing it to fire streamline or even stefan sized darts rather than the big Mega's, and what effect that would have?

    From my standpoint, I see the Centurion *still* has potential, but it's obviously going to be hard work to make it happen. Even if people have given it the thumbs down by either getting the early bird deal, or simply seen / read up what other Centurion owners have submitted, I'm not going to put any nails into any coffin until I've tried it out myself.

    Even disregarding the internals side of things, I enjoy lugging around huge Nerf blasters. (Think; pimped out Longshot/Longstrike hybrid, or a Nerf Vulcan / Air Zone Punisher merged together with a paint bucket for ammo slung underneath, or a pair of Titan's strapped together...)

    I'm also looking forward to using the Mega darts, simply as something different since I've never really experienced the older/retro blasters with the bigger darts; only N-Strike and newer :P

    Put it this way; if someone doesn't want their Centurion, I'll gladly take it off their hands :P

  6. Australian safety standards are fufilled by the nerfed international products. If it comes here we'll get the same version as the UK a la the elite range; it's ridiculous to think that Hasbro would manufacture a third variant for a single market.

  7. hasbro already make diferent versions for Australia.

    All the plastic parts are the same thou from the same factory exactly the same. But they put in a weaker spring and change the plastic color of the trigger to gray.

    Its not a issue thou as gray triggers are cooler

    1. No, those are international versions. Australia receives the same Elite blasters as the UK ie. the grey trigger blasters. What MLD appears to be suggesting is a third, more underpowered version of the Centurion for the Australian market, which is absurd.

    2. No, our blasters in the UK are standard blasters with orange triggers. The boxes show approximate ranges in metres rather than feet (up to 22m quoted on the back of the boxes in the small print, which is >72ft) because that's what we work in. AFAIK Only Australia has the grey trigger version (15m quoted on front of box).

  8. The internals made it seemed unappealing now. Perhaps my Longstrike would live.

  9. Hey maybe they have future giga centurion ... reach upto 150 feet with direct plunger?

  10. Guys, I think we should all calm down, think about it, the centurion box was gift wrapped in red and put in another box and sent to (presumably) only the people in the n.d.a. with nerf. You may ask yourself why would they do this, well probably because they needed to test the product on the public and what better way than the n.d.a. people. I think they WANT to hear all this bad stuff people are saying about it so they can fix their mistakes for national release! Think about it nerf is not stupid, they didn't send this out to the public yet so there probably being carefully and paying attention to what we think! I say we criticize it and let nerf know so they can fix this and we won't have to.

  11. Don't freak out, even with those negatives, it still gets 100ft out of the box with 1" rounds, the math says that kind of energy put into a 1/2" round has 4x as much *potential* range, no where to go with this thing but up.
    I would really appreciate it if someone could get some measurements on that plunger tube.

  12. Ok this is a bit of a letdown. I'm still going to buy it just to see what what I can do to it and partly because its got a badass shell to it. A blaster of this size needs more power out of the box. Otherwise you may as well just buy a Retaliator or something smaller for less and get the same ranges.


  14. I was excited for this, not really anymore. I might get one after a modding company like orange or xplorer make a custom direct plunger system for it, I also feel kind of let down because this was suppose to be the longshot and the longstrike replacement and I probably would rather go with an elite longstrike, or one with a custom plunger inside.

  15. Ill buy one when its on the clearance rack!The internals aside, im disappointed with the ranges, sure theres alot of modding potential, but there are those who arent that great at modding and wants something they can just unbox and still compete with the modded blasters, they hyped it to a 100ft (i know angled)...the ranges are really disappointing. I love the aesthetics of the blaster though.

  16. I'm actually really excited about the mod potential of this, since sealing up those slits in a way that isn't week and doesn't break the blaster seems like it will be extremely challenging and will require me to use a lot of nifty tools that normally aren't horribly applicable. My plan would be to fill the slots with some sort of material, possibly even melting ABS plastic into them, then putting it on the lathe and cutting away the excess filler on the outside. That won't work for the inside but I suspect a drill press with the right bit and proper mounting of the part may be enough (drill press isn't exactly precision but I think it will be good enough for Nerf parts) and if not, I have access to a milling machine that I'm certain will work. Might be simpler to just replace that tube with a different one (maybe PVC?) but that isn't nearly as challenging. I also wonder what the effect of leaving a few of the slits would be. Stronger spring is also a trivial mod, as is making the barrel removable. Rebuilding the internals would be pretty awesome as well so I may even try both. I'll definitely buy one but ONLY because I have the tools and ability to mod the hell out of it; the average NIC person probably won't be able to do this (this is an assumption I'm making based on the amount of cardboard, duct tape, and hot glue that I've seen from the NIC). If I didn't have the tools and/or ability, I would definitely be pissed since it seems like we were promised 100' range out of the box on a level shot and Hasbro isn't delivering. If they don't sell the darts and magazines on their own though, that will absolutely piss me off and make me not want to buy one of these since fabricating those parts is not something that I really feel like doing.

    1. I am also still very excited. I haven't seen the thing yet, but I give the Nerf engineers quite a lot of credit (dear Hasbro behind-the-scenes folks: yes, you have a fan), and this thing looks like a new beast. First, I don't think the designers are anti-distance within the confines of the regulatory agencies and company policy; witness the elite line which has quite a few little details for distance and accuracy compared to the N-Strike line. Second, I don't think they're anti-modding either- some recent blasters contain parts that provide for conspicuously easy modding.

      This blaster is very interesting. It is a reverse plunger, true, but the travel is long and the tube is large. This thing is pushing a lot of air. If they simply wanted to maximize instantaneous air pressure at the point of dart release they could have just put a stronger spring behind behind a Retaliator mechanism. So I don't wonder if the slits are to regulate air pressure over a longer course of action. (And I agree, it doesn't look hard to carefully epoxy them shut if we wanted.) Perhaps they've sacrificed some distance for accuracy somehow? I don't know yet. This may relate to the dart walls which seem to be more thin and flexible compared to elites. Supposing that the slits provide some functional purpose, it may even make sense that it's reverse plunger: providing a similar release with the same characteristics in a direct plunger system seems like a trickier proposition (but perhaps not if the slits were moved very far forward in the tube).

      This is all incredibly speculative of course. But as a modder myself, I am excited that there's some new, perhaps really new, to play with and figure out. I look forward to getting a couple of these and running some tests!


  17. Am I the only one who's not going to mod this? I think it's fine.

  18. That's disappointing, I was actually pretty excited about it. I can maybe do some basic mods like covering the tube in duct tape or something, but I have neither the tools nor skill to do any of the work that looks necessary to make this interesting. And the price is a real kicker, too.

  19. As to the front barrel not being removable I shall only say...

    1. You just made my day lmao haha good call Devon :)

    2. Simple solution to a simple problem! Does lots of modding jobs on virtually anything.....
      Also, on the slots in the PT front this post is worth reading,,13018.msg69421.html#msg69421

  20. 1. This is a prerelease! they sent it out to hear peoples opinions so they can make improvements

    2. It shoots huge darts,so range could be smaller.

    3. this is a toy, there is no way it could shoot 100 feet flat safely.

    4. Its really an outdoor gun, so maybe its better to bring it to outdoor games.

    Overall i think it would be really cool,i have to problem with it

  21. as far a wrecking the dart goes, when i get one, or get a mega dart, i will test out its use in air blasters with large tank, and small tank power, as far as air delivery goes. but i think, as far as this is concerned, i would only buy the centurion for aesthetic mods

  22. Stupid Australian Government and their stupid stupidness, USA gets 75 feet out of Elite blasters, we get 50!! How is that Elite?


  24. oh *&(^%#W#% !@&$&*^