Friday, 7 June 2013

Update from Hasbro UK on Elite blaster availability

Heads up to all you UK Nerf fans, I have some much wanted release date and availability info:

·         Elite Barrel Break IX-2 – Should be in ToysRUs now
·         Elite Triad – Should be in Asda now however to note this is the 2 pack version
·         Elite Rayven CS-18 – Should be in ToysRUs
·         Elite Spectre REV-5 – Not planned for the UK
·         Elite Reflex IX-1- Not planned for the UK

Edit: Elite Spectre and EPPS appear to remain an Asia promo only

Hate to be the bearer of bad news...


  1. tbf, they said the same about the triad for a time.

  2. Darn, was really hoping for an Elite Spectre stateside...oh well, there's always Amazon or Ebay.

  3. Well, currently anyway the triad isn't in the online store but it may be instore.

    Also, Elite Barrel Break?

    Is this just referring to the repainted barrel break (which is available), or an actual elite version?

    1. The one in TRU now is the repainted non-elite version.