Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Update #6 from Tek Recon - hot add-ons :D

Ok TRibe, here is the latest update from Tek Recon - some extra goodies are now up for grabs! As the main man Urban Taggers says: Chekkit :D

"Project Update #6: ADD ON'S

Thank you so much for helping us reach our goal. Now that the project is a go, we want to offer up additional incentive's to those of you who have been asking for more add on's .
Many of you have been asking if we will offer some add on's and in some cases we have already helped a few of you out.

So here is the deal, you go ahead and add to your pledge amt the following increments and we will add additional items to your product when we ship out and do so with out any extra cost of freight. All you need to do is message us with the amount you increased by and what you want and we will add it on. So the options are as follows:

For some of you we have already told you that for every $10 extra we will give you your choice of:

1. 50 x NRG Rounds

2. 25 x NRG Rounds and 1 x Flag

3. 2 x Flags (Orange and Green)

4. 3 x Exploding Targets

We have also been asked about replacement cartridges with additional ammo and as such we are more than happy to help out.

5. For $15 we will offer you up a replacement Magazine for the Hammer Head with 25 NRG Rounds.

6. For $20 we will offer you up a replacement Magazine for the Havok with 72 NRG Rounds.

To message us simply to go to the "Project by" section and you will see "Contact me" and send us a note. Thanks for all your support and joining the Tek Recon Tribe!"

So if you want to snap up those brilliant add-ons you know where to go and what to do (I love the Havok magazine :D)

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