Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Tek Recon E3 Expo coverage

**Warning Pic and Video spam**

Hey TRibe! This will be a main point of post/info for the Tek Recon E3 Expo coverage, enjoy!

[Pre-Launch setup]
10th June 2013:


[Day 1]
11th June 2013:

[Day 2]
12th June 2013:
An Interview is brewing.. stay tuned!

GameStop drop by for a demo!
These fellas cannot wait to start modding!
Another one of the many Kickstarter backers!
Some Global excitement whipping up!
Man of the Hour! Keith Maddison, Tek Recons App Partner


[Day 3]
13th June 2013:

Thank you Josh Thaler and Riot Games for helping kickstart TEK RECON



  1. what i love is that he flat out says ya you can mod stuff and the blaster

  2. i can't wait for a review when it comes out.

  3. How accurate do those pictures represent the color of the orange Hammerhead would you say? I pledged on Kickstarter and am debating on whether or not to get the orange. I don't like the shade as shown on their press images on the Kickstarter page but like it better in your photos. I know sometimes cameras don't necessarily accurately portray what the color actually looks like in real life...