Friday, 7 June 2013 list Nerf Rebelle Double Jolt

Thanks to Stefen Horst for the email
Est. release: 30.11.2013
Price: €17.90 CH
EAN 5010994736712

The good folks have let slip an addition to the new Nerf Rebelle range - twin Jolts (Wish Shot).
Guessing they're sexed up jolts, with a heavy dash of variant pinks and purples no different to Dart Tag Stingers.

As a Nerf fan, I guess these will end up in my collection, I'm far more interested in what the ZombieStrike equivalent will be - any thoughts?


  1. Damn it, just when I'd finished my Jolt collection xD

  2. These actually look better than the Dart Tage Stingers.

  3. Arn't these called the Sneak Attackers?

  4. I suppose if Rebelle's version is the "Wish Shot" then ZombieStrike would be "Dead Shot" or maybe.... "Neck Bolt"? Well, wild guesses anyway. It's hard to say if Nerf/Hasbro will use macabre words like "Dead" or "Death" for a bright colored toy. Neck Bolt would be more of a general Halloween theme direction. They could give it a Frankenstien paint job. I wouldn't be dissapointed if Zombiestrike ended up being more "Famous Monsters" than JUST Zombies... but I do like the post-apopcalyptic style of the Hammershot.

    Ooo... They might call the Jolt variant... "Nail Shot" You can nail Zombies.