Wednesday, 26 June 2013

NEW Nerf Elite Sonic ICE boxart (Rampage)

Thanks to Wei Chun for the email. Ok folks, as promised here we go :)

I believe this range is the strategy to "Clear the way" to this years most anticipated Nerf Elite range releases, which I cannot name due to my NDA, but the NIC already knows what I'm talking about :)

What will this Sonic ICE range rock?
  • Clear Sonic Blue ICE shell
  • Confirmed Elite ranges
  • A new CS-25 drum (looks awesome), CS-12, Stock
  • A TRU exclusive

We don't see a Stock with this (/sadpanda) or the Elite Shield. I'm waiting on a few more pics or what the other blasters will include - it has been confirmed to me that there are stand alone boxed accessories (what we have all been waiting for!).

I am excited for this I have to say, would I go as far as to rehash my whole collection? I doubt it, but would I pick up certain blasters in the range? Hell yeah!

I don't know about you folks, but I feel like drinking an ICE cold beer right now :D What about those exclusives that TRU don't have... ie Targets EAT? I'm thinking we might not see those... :s

How about you folks? Will you be adding this Sonic ICE range to your collection?


  1. When does your NDA expire, we all are looking forward to seeing and hearing what nerf has in store for us.

  2. Christ! Sonic Ice!


  4. So, you're saying there is more to come that ISN'T the Centurion, Rapid Strike, or Rebelle/Zombiestrike lines?

  5. About time on the accessory front, I don't get why they didn't make that public earlier in the year, considering all the gripes about lack of extras in he elite line. Now all together, "WE WANT THE ELITE PIN POINT SIGHT NOW!"

  6. I'm guessing this is a TRU UK exclusive :( dont want to pay their prices.... although only Argos stock the EAT

  7. where u got this

  8. Targets EAT still isn't available at my local stores :(. Assuming these are all just reshells of regular elite blasters I'll pick up 1 of each for collection purposes... I don't "need" any more blasters and the end of this year is shaping up to be a big year for blasters. Between the EAT (which I'll be hopefully able to get 2, the sonic ICE series, ZombieStrike, Rebelle (which I'll only likely buy 1 of each) the centurion (get 1) and other blasters that we know are coming (2 of them)

  9. These ICE blasters look great. Definitely thinking about picking up a few of these re-shells.
    Speaking of ICE blasters, I've gotten a review of the Rapidstrike up. Would definitely love any feedback from my reviewing style from any fans!