Thursday, 20 June 2013

Nerf Rebelle Guardian Crossbow update info - i'm sold!

Nerf Rebelle Guardian Crossbow banner at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo
I had hoped to bring you more images and internals of the new Nerf Rebelle Guardian Crossbow. Sadly the owner does not wish to release or open the blaster up. No worries, because I got this info from him:

  • The cross bow string is fake but it can move with your firing actions
  • The range is as good as Strongarm - even better
  • Some difference between them are:
  • Without the stock, the Guardian Crossbow is a bit longer than Strongarm
  • Slamfire mode, crossbow fires like Raider or Rampage - not like Strongarm. I mean firing time when you move the slide.
  • The darts of Rebelle is very beautiful! six different colours and paint!

I got to say this sounds pretty awesome, If the firing mechanism is similar to the Raider/Rampage that utility is pretty awesome for battles and HvZ. Lets not forget that the blaster achieves better ranges than the Strongarm. The Stock is not removable - sad as it would have been an awesome accessory!

So if the mechanism is similar to the Raider/Rampage, putting those mod kits inside the Guardian would probably make it a decent replacement for front-loaded side arms.

So I ask you this - has it changed your mind to pick one up?


  1. Was going to get it regardless, it just looks awesome!


  2. I'll be buying at least one. I also wouldn't be surprised if this gets a zombie strike repaint/reshell (seeing as the only known zombie strike blaster is a reshell of a rebelle blaster)

    if this happens I'll buy one of them too.

    while performance of the rebelle line is good it would be neat to see a "cute/girly" high capacity blaster something that could rival the rampage or rayven

  3. Where's the info on the range coming from? And how is any of this news?

    1. It's coming from my source at Baidu - the owner of the Rebelle

    2. He stated it's from the owner over at Baidu, it's news because we have found out what is going on with the ranges and whatnot from the owner.

      Most likely he wishes to remain anonymous, that's fine, his prerogative. A little bummed no internals, but i'm sure there are other owners who will post it up so we can hang tight.


  4. I actually use a nxt toy foam crossbow. Have you guys seen one of these things? Put a whistler dart in there and shoot ridiculously far, definitely around 80+ feet

  5. I'll buy one if they make a ZS version :)

  6. Stock isn't removable? Well that's a solvable problem now, isn't it? Especially now that I rigged my drill press to be able to mill plastic (and ONLY plastic as it isn't strong enough for anything more rigid).

  7. Hi The Guardian Crossbow is available to Buy on Ebay UK, I bought one, it came today.
    Just a heads up.

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