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Friday, 14 June 2013

Nerf Mega Centurion - more Baidu eye candy

Those darn lucky Baidu folks post up some new eye candy to tease us:

(HASBRO/Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: £49.99/Available: Autumn/Winter 2013)
Feel the power when you wield the mighty N-STRIKE ELITE CENTURION blaster, which possesses a massive and unparalleled 80 foot dart firing distance. Boasting the furthest firing NERF blaster in the brand’s history, the CENTURION blaster also features the new whistling MEGA dart, measuring over twice the size of a standard ELITE dart and screaming through the air when fired. With the formidable CENTURION blaster, fans will enjoy unprecedented power, precision and distance. Blaster comes with removable bipod, one six-dart clip and six MEGA darts. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide.

Here are some confirmed details, dates so far:
  • UK - Q4 2013 (Sept-Dec)
  • Europe: Q4 2013
  • Australia - Oct 2013
  • US - Fall 2013
  • Asia: September

  • UK will retail at £49.99 GBP.
  • US MSRP $49.99.
  • For other territories safe to switch the £ sign for your own denomination.

Don't know about you folks but I see some real mod extension potential on the MCS-6 clip.

Looks like that barrel seems tight - and goes on forever!

This draw, which has been commented upon a number of times is something special it has to be said. This said I am a little disappointed that the UK version is detuned to 80 feet, the US looks to keep the 100 feet - I can't help but feel for the Aussies right now - I guess I understand it more because it's happening to us!

With flywheel and such blasters, I assume they put a resistor in the board or manage a cap, so I assume the spring is modified to something weaker. So we simply mod the spring right? For those that don't have the skill, I guess we are left with importing.

Man does this suck.


  1. I suspect it is more like the measuring of distance, the Americans love big numbers, so if you shoot angled you will get 100 ft, I suspect ours is simply measured flat!
    I wish a Baidu user would open one up so we can see the mechanism, then we can work out how to mod it!

  2. Has anyone most Fed that any scope you put on this thing looks sick. I also love the bevel on the draw slide ( on the long shot its not raised out on the edge like that ) It always used to cut and scratch my blaster on the long shot.

  3. all of the aussie spring powered elites are just detuned by means of a weaker spring, It'd be safe to say a detuned mega centurion could be fixed with a spring swap too.

    1. i did not know that about Australian nerf gun dose that include gun imported

  4. In the pic of the bipod, am I seeing that right? Is it simply a tactical rail accessory? If so, that will be really nice to use on some other blasters as well.

    1. I finally have something to put on the bottom of my stampede, the retaliator monopod is weak and can't take the weight, it doesn't really matter considering it doesn't poses the range to make a bipod practical.

  5. I think you are right, I am thinking of a strife based S.A.W or Russian DT machine gun using a 35 drum! Would be a nice accessory to BUY SEPARATELY (hint?)

  6. I would love to see a orange mod works kit for this

  7. Wonder what could be intergrated under this I'm thinking a stryfe or a red series recon

    1. How bout a Titan...

  8. can any one tell me what scope is that?

    I sure wish that the centurion would come with a scope..

    1. It is a scope off the Nerf Vortex Nitron. On Ebay, the make around £20 just for the scope!