Sunday, 23 June 2013

Envisual Nerf Rebelle presentation on Vimeo

Props to my bro Marty from Urban Taggers for this find!

This is a an insight-media driven company based over in Ohio in the States. They joined forces with Hasbro to help create a presentation on how to create and present the new Rebelle product to the company execs and ultimately the fans themselves. Here are some words from Envisual:

"At Envisual, ideas come first. Whether you have an idea you want brought to life or you need an idea that’ll really make an impression. But, for an idea to make a difference it can’t just be good, it needs to inspire and move people to action. It’s only when people believe in an idea that it can push creative boundaries, drive sales and change the face of business.
Nerf had an idea to expand their brand into the girls’ market. They’d seen that there was a demand for their products among girls and needed a partner to help them seize and expand that opportunity. They even made pitches internally but weren’t getting the support needed to hit the ground running. If their idea was going to see the light of day, it needed to make people believe, and inspire them to act. That’s where we came in."

Here are some interesting stills I grabbed from the presentation if you missed them due to being in awe of the awesomeness of this presentation (hr hr hr)!

We know this became the Rebelle Wildshot / ZombieStrike Hammershot

We see some pretty neat designs from Envisual, but importantly some kind of visuals for a Rebelle-themed Stryfe?
I will pick these up, and most likely to paintjobs on them, how about you?

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