Sunday, 16 June 2013

Elite Spectre pops up in Press Kit in Singapore

Elite Spectre pops up in a Press Release kit in Singapore:

Props to Gavin Lim Kang Jie for this at SGNerf!

It goes on retail sale tomorrow, but I have to say, i'm not overly convinced what the complete utility of a 5 dart blaster is?

I know the ZombieStrike Hammershot will be packing the same loadout - but that has the edge of being a new blaster, and rocking new internals/primer. Let's not forget, that they Jolt, Triad and Reflex have a big fan following, so why not? Is this a funky underbarrel mod worthwhile now with the 75ft ranges waiting to happen?

Yes, we get the faux silencer and Stock (looks mighty flimsy to me..?), but is that enough? Maybe they have done some work on the Stock to address this - maybe not. I would love to hear from you folks that DO have the old version.

Hopefully AwesomeNerfer1999 will be able to get his hands on it, and report back to us as he heading to the Nerf Singapore Tournament 2013.

So, is 75ft internals and funky paint job enough for you to go and pick this up?


  1. I have the original, and have never liked the Stock, or the faux barrel. I do prefer this over the Maverick, and it has an aftermarket spring which out performs a stock US Spec Strongarm. I hope the Stock isnt as flimsy, but it probably will be. I will probably get one, but only because I like to have a complete collection.

  2. I'd get one... I'd take its attachments and put them on other blasters... and I have to say, the Spectre + Blue longshot scope + longstrike barrel + raider stock is a very cool looking form factor.. a sniper revolver.. with an elite Spectre, now the colors will match too.

  3. With the Strongarm being so much improved from the Maverick, the Elite Spectre has been rendered somewhat impractical. It has a lower capacity, and doesn't have slam fire (as far as we know). Presumably they'll have roughly similar potential range wise. As a result really the only reason to get the Spectre is for tacticool reasons, like making a revolver rifle or adding the Spectre stock to the EAT.
    I'll still get one, since I'm not allowed to get a Strongarm.

  4. [Alex] I'm actually surprised that the Elite Spectre is not only a repaint, but the box does say 75ft ranges so they must have upped the internals too.

    I love the Spectre; one of my all-time favourite side-arms (dual wield practiced too :P) ... but now with the Strongarms, I have to say in terms of function, extra dart capacity, and comfort, the Strongarm has taken the lead for me.

    If it was easy enough for me to obtain an Elite Spectre, I'd probably grab one especially for dat sweet looking barrel attachment; imagine that on an Elite Rayven!! D:

    ... but otherwise I'll be sticking with my Strongarms for battle >:D

  5. I think that the Spectre's barrel extension is the only one that doesn't decrease range because it is wider than any other barrel extension. I think I'll buy it so I can get the extension and put it on my retaliator or something, but I'll probably pick up a Strongarm to paint...

  6. How would I get it in the states?