Sunday, 16 June 2013

NEW Nerf Elite Sonic ICE range /w pics from Baidu

Here we go, some more Clear Blue Stock candy from IlnChen782:

Just got an update fro SangriaChen - these will be released for September 2013. Have we got enough wallet space for ALL these releases??

*drumroll* looks like we have a name for the new Clear Blue stock we've been seeing lately - N-Strike Elite Sonic ICE. Blasters like Hail-Fire are being mentioned by SangriaChen. Plot thickens.. Post them pics up already :D

I'm pretty much sold on the idea of Elite Pro being an accessory line. Whilst I might be wrong it's the most likely thing when we have Hasbro releasing a number of lines - Mega, ZombieStrike, Rebelle - to name the ones we DO know about.
I have to say that ZombieStrike range was a complete out of the blue card up their sleeve - maybe with hot contender blaster releases this year, they have to do just that. I'm not going to complain! Fans are win/win in this situation!


  1. I hope "elite pro" is what they call the accessories sold separately, that would look sick on a package!!!!

  2. Selling accessories separately is a smart move on Nerf's part. Now I don't have to buy a whole new blaster to get cool new accessories. But I'm pretty excited about the Centurion...

  3. Just like I had surmised. I knew this couldn't be the 'Pro' series. Just Elite blasters in translucent blue shells. I do like the supposed name of the series.

  4. Wow I am depressed now, one of my favorite YouTubers just posted a comment on my channel saying "wow you have no videos, some youtuber" and then banned me from their channel. I need a channel to post comments, is that how people are today? Don't judge a book by its cover, it might break the books spine.

  5. well kyle, time to make a new youtube account.

  6. "Blasters like Hail-Fire are being mentioned" - really? It wasn't that great on its own... translucent plastic isn't going to make it any better.

    1. They had repainted Deploys (I think) so I guess it must sell enough to make it viable.

  7. I reckon it'd be pretty awesome to have a whole line dedicated to blaster accessories but I freaking hate the retaliator stock! It looks cool but is useless to use! Not that stocks on Nerf blasters a particularly useful in the first place but you know.