Monday, 17 June 2013

AwesomeNerfer1999 unboxes and reviews NEW Elite Spectre REV-5!

Confirmed to be rocking new 75ft internals

What I am impressed with the most, is the fact Hasbro have not just done a reshell with revamped internals to achieve Elite ranges, but the shell has had a work over too:

It really does look funky, and tho I never had one myself, I honestly would pick this up - if it wasn't going to be an Asia only promo release - like the EPPS. For those that have been upset by this... you won't want to look at the image below -

Spend $50 SGD... and get a FREE EPPS - *scream*
That made me Homer scream in real life. Seriously. *scream*

Sorry folks the Stock is confirmed to be flimsy still... can't have it all right?
Ok ok ok, check out the full review over at AwesomeNerfer1999 with more pics and commentary, unfortunately some of the images he has posted I can't share as i'm still under NDA - but awesome props again, great job AN Qi :D

So my Q to all you oldschool N-Strike Spectre users is this - is an Elite version worth it?

If you have the old N-Strike does this encourage you to pick this new one up?


  1. i really like the old spectre and will get an elite one if they sell them in the usa.

  2. I find it seriously hard to believe they went to the trouble of resculpting the shell and it's still an Pacific-market exclusive. I remain hopeful that if we're patient, it will come to other parts of the world...

  3. Why just because they make all of the cool toys does Asia always get all of the cool toys?????

  4. is there anyway to order from this promotion over the internet?

  5. I got into Nerf during the twilight of the n-strike series so I never had the opportunity to get a Specter. If this becomes available in my region I would definitely buy at least a couple of them, simply to ensure my collection is complete