Monday, 3 June 2013

7 days to go and Tek Recon are bang on target!

Yeaaaaaaaaaaah buddy!!

We have done it! A massive big up to all fans who pledged to the Tek Recon Kickstarter!

It's been a furious-almost-full-4-weeks of campaigning and getting the word out there about the  Tek Recon Kickstarter, and asking the fans to pledge anything from $1 and up. A major thanks to all the blogs And fans who took time out from their regular topic to check in and support Tech4Kids - the makers of the awesome looking Hammerhead and Havok blasters.

[Left] Hammerhead [Right] Havok
I believe the thing that has made this possible has been for a few important things:
  1. A company by fans for fans! Lovers of FPS games and blasters - just like us!
  2. Brilliant products that look super smexay aesthetically and practical firing mechanisms
  3. Fans who pledge more, snap up awesome Rewards [You can still Pledge till 10th June!]

So what's do we get?

  • MSRP: $19.99
  • Range: 75 Ft.
  • Capacity: 25 NRG Rounds - No-Mess, Reuseable, Safe!
  • Real Recoil Action
  • 2-way Firing Mechanism: Pump action OR trigger
  • NRG Round Cartridge: High Capacity, Fast Replacement, Re-loadable
  • Dual-sided, quick-release cartridge
  • MSRP: $34.99
  • Range: 75 ft.
  • Capacity: 72 NRG Rounds - No-Mess, Reuseable, Safe!
  • 2-way Firing Mechanism: Pump action OR trigger
  • Real Recoil Action
  • NRG Round Cartridge : High Capacity, Compact Dual-sided cartridge for quick flip reload and replacement, Re-loadable
  • Extendible stock

What can we expect from the refill packages?
  • 25 NRG Round Refills $4.99

  • Hammer Head Ammo Pack $9.99
  • Hammer Head Cartridge + 25 NRG Rounds

  • Havok Ammo Pack $14.99
  • Havok Cartridge + 72 NRG Rounds

"Today our partners at Tech 4 Kids was honoured to once again be named to the PROFIT 500 list of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies. Ranking #174 with a whopping 5 year average growth rate of 371%. Congratulations!!!!" Chizcomm Ltd 
Thing's Are looking great for an August/September 2013 launch - WITH 7 days left on the clock - let's keep pushing and spreading the word, the whistle has not blown yet!

See you folks at E3 ;)
What's next? Well the Electronic Entertainment Expo [E3] is the annual video game conference and show at the Los Angeles Convention centre.

Tek Recon will be there, and we hope to get some amazing coverage there for the TRibe :D

Stay up to date with Tek Recon at the following sites
- Tek Recon HQ
- Tek Recon Fb
- Tek Recon Twitter
- Tek Recon YouTube


  1. Will these things be sold in Britain?

    1. They will be indeed, waiting on the distribution info from Tek Recon :) Will keep you updated chap - will you be picking these up?

    2. Thanks fella. I will probably be getting the Hammerhead first to see what they're like.

  2. Hello Tek Recon! I am interested in purchasing 2 blasters and a rifle for my boyfriend. I'm on your website and it says it only included a package. If I purchase this one package will it include all 3 items as mentioned in your commercials? I don't mind if it costs more I just want to get these three items for him if you'd please~