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Update#4 from Tek Recon - TV Commercial Sizzler :D

"Sneak Peak - Sizzle of Tek Recon Commercial Revealed!
Update #4 · May 20, 2013

We are excited to know that we recently had 2 of the 5 "Movie Star" pledges get scooped up by fans. These 2 people are in for a real treat, and timing is perfect as we have just finished our first commercial shoot and we want to share with all of you a "sizzle" that we have produced. This spot has many of of the key shots that will be used in the final commercial that we intend to air later this year.

We think you are going to love the sizzle reel as it really helps demonstrate the product performance and convey how we envision team play and collaboration could work. You should note the following features in the spot:

Magazine swap out. Check out the flip and clip action on the Havok. We had much feedback from the community that you want more ammo and you want it fast. We are happy to to offer you up this, in a slick system that has quick access. Per the video, simply un-clip, flip and lock in the opposite end of magazine and you are good to go with another 36 rounds. Based on additional feedback we are planning on developing more ways to get ammo fast, in future developments of the project.

Communication via the app. One of the coolest features in the app is the walkie talkies. Your team is all linked via a comm system and when you press the screen icon, you are instantly connected and sharing intel. HINT - When used in game play, you will need to be careful as there are some power ups that the opposing team can acquire and when deployed "hack" into the comm system to listen in on your teams plans.

Distance of the ammo. In the video you will see a point where there is a 2 way battle over a concrete barracade. This should give you an idea of the distance that the blaster can achieve. In a recent blog post; one of our fans described Tek Recon as "friendly airsoft for the masses". We are confident you will be very happy with the performance but also knowing that it is safe to use and play with.

Bank Shots. Another key advantage of the NRG rounds vs other projectiles is that they are dynamic and as a result you can "ricochet" the ammo to strike your target. We think that is a big idea and helps separate the men from the boyz!

Recoil. For those of you who have not had a clear look at what the recoil looks like there is some nice close ups of the product in action. We have just got to say it feels awesome and you cannot help but have a smile on your face every round you squeeze out!

Dynamic Targets. Yes we already had a video on this but thought we would give you a couple angles to look at it from. There is a "big" pay-off when you hit the target that we are pretty sure you will think is cool. These are included in our battle packs, squad leader and envoy pledges.

Girls! We love the fact that we have both genders featured in the forthcoming spot. Yes this is a shout out to all the ladies who hate the stereo type that girls are not interested in blaster play. We know there are a bunch fo you who believe they can outwit and outplay their male counter parts and do not need a special pink or purple blaster to do it. [Unless you really like which case you can make a custom metallic pink blaster as part of our "Custom Havok" pledge:)]

We aspire to create a product we are proud of and deliver "wow" with Tek Recon and the play experience it will offer. We hope by now that we have demonstrated that we in fact are breathing life into this project and doing so by taking feedback from you, our fans, to shape what we finally produce.

We have had a lot of questions about the app and different operating systems etc that can be supported. What is important to note is that the blaster on it's own is an incredible product; it has a unique design with features that are truly stand out and will provide the best performance on the market. That said we have taken Tek Recon from "good to great" by creating a "digital layer" that enhances the play experience. The Tek Recon app on an IOS or Android smart device will give you a first of its kind FPS video game experience in live action play!

Thanks to those who have supported us thus far. The "movie star" still has 3 of the 5 positions available and if after seeing the sizzle you want to be part of the next commercial then you can either change your pledge or let your network know there are a limited number still available. The plan is to film the next spot with our top secret new Tek Recon blaster design in January of 2014. Thanks for helping us spread the word and for your efforts in making Tek Recon a reality!

I have got to say, the TV commercial is looking super awesome. It reminds me of my FPS days (I try to maintain the tips and tricks today, but dayum those kids are something special!). I can't remember the last time a TV commercial made me WHOOP and shout - it really made me want to grab a Havok and get out there!

"The plan is to film the next spot with our top secret new Tek Recon blaster design in January of 2014.   Thanks for helping us spread the word and for your efforts in making Tek Recon a reality!"



I had a tune just rush thru my mind... a COD one - can't remember it tho. This has me buzzing all over it. Seriously, if the Hammerhead and the Havok were not only aesthetically pleasing but the whole real recoil effect and awesome App to turn anywhere into a real life computer game - what is not to like about this product? What else could they add?? What are your thoughts? I have a couple of ideas:
  • Seriously hoping it will be a Sniper type rifle. No FPS is complete without the Iconic Sniper rifle. Love it or hate it, you gotta have it!
  • A HvZ range?
  • Did I mention a sniper?
  • Full.Auto.Blaster. ohhhhh hells yeah, the tune just came to mind - Cue AC/DC.
I love how open, and upfront Tek Recon are being about the brand, and giving us fans who KNOW what we like and don't, what we want the most out of our blasters - they're actually listening. Whatever changes we have wanted, they have adjusted the product/brand to better fit those wishes.

So with 18 days left on the clock, where do they sit?

Backers: 160
Average Daily Pledges: $1,741
Average Pledge Per Backer: $163

Funding: $26,117 of $50,000 (52% of goal)
Dates: May 9th -> Jun 10th (32 days)
Project By: Tek Recon

They still need your support in spreading the word, got to say fantastic job so far folks, we just need to push some more, keep the momentum going!

Be great to hear what you folks think might be the secret blaster - we might even generate a new one ;)

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