Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Ultimate NERF Blaster Book, TBR: 29th October 2013

Nerf: Ultimate Blaster Book [Hardcover] £13.49   [ here]
Major props to AFON for this find - or rather reporting on it for the NIC to know about when the author came knocking on their door!

I would love to see this become a yearly thing, almost like a collectible for fans - lets see what happens :) I am a little disappointed - for an Ultimate book - there should really be more vintage blasters. Does... this mean we won't see blasters from the very get-go? A concern voiced by many fans i'm sure.

They say it will include new unreleased pics - but I think we already know much of it. Why do I say that? Because they state Nerf Nation has 500,000 Facebook fans. It's actually over 1m. So that tells you the age of information they are using.

It comes with 6 collectible Elite Edition darts. They do look rather accented at the end. It may well be the funky packaging to protect the darts from being crushed. Whatever the case, I know all fans are going to want to pick this on up. Phew, this is going to be one hella Xmas for Nerfers :D

Here are the Amazon listing details:

"Book Description

Publication Date: 29 Oct 2013

The first-ever official NERF book, a stunning visual guide to the iconic blasters--from the very first ones ever made to a sneak peek at the blasters of the future! Packed with photos and facts, this comprehensive tour of NERF blasters features a high-energy design, kid-friendly format, and an exclusive set of 6 specially designed (and highly collectible) foam darts incorporated into the cover.

In the tradition of the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary (more than a million copies sold), this is the definitive guide to the iconic NERF blaster, and a book that all NERF fans will want to own.

A hardcover, full-color collector's volume, NERF: The Ultimate Blaster Book presents each blaster in a fully illustrated, detailed spread that provides a complete array of technical specifications (range, capacity, propulsion type, etc.), the story behind the blaster, and callouts explaining its special features. Sidebars offer factoids, activities, and more. And with 6 exlusive, collectible darts included in the front cover of every book, this lavishly illustrated book is the ultimate NERF must-have!"


  1. Man this is amazing i always hoped nerf would come up with some thing like this but i wont buy unless it features the mantaray lock n load longshot and crossbow

  2. This is going to be like having all of nerf wiki in a book but all of the information is official