Thursday, 16 May 2013

Tek Recon updates on: Kickstarter, Products and Girl Power!

Okay folks! Been away from the net as I had a check-up appointment for my back problem and spent the day with the family.

So what's new? This is a project I'm working on with Tek Recon so it's exciting for me to see what's going down not only as a fan but as a blogger :)

With 130 backers on the sheet, $13,863 raised (27% of target) and 25 days to go - it's all looking positive for the team. But keep spreading the word on the next big thing in the world of blasters :)

Update from Tek Recon recon:

So here we go with an update from the good people over at Tek Recon:
"Thanks again for all the great support in our first week of the campaign - we really appreciate it! We've had lots of great comments, questions, and feedback from all over the globe and we want to share our latest video showing some of the great features of our NRG Round Cartridges for the Hammer Head and Havok Blasters. This is our first video to feature a look at the Hammer Head - stay tuned for more coming soon.  Be sure to check out all the latest and greatest on our Facebook page as well at

Enjoy & Share!"

I have got to say it's a very smart use of the space and clip feed system within their blasters, I love the idea of a 'jungle magazine' for the Havok blaster.

I spoke to Tek Recon a while ago advising them about adding Tactical Vests, Holsters, Slings to their product list for development and release, and they are on it - with projected releases for year 2. I hope fans can push this for much sooner! So you know where they are - hit their Facebook page and let them know what you think!

Also this is taken from their Facebook page:

Nerfenstein Blaster Mods & Props - raised a very valid point - what about girls? On box art, ads and blaster product ranges too? Well Tek Recon stepped up and said they are looking into it and we can expect an update shortly.

So this pic puts it best I guess (Even Nerfy won't mind this!)

This is what I love about this company, this brand, they really have put fans in the front driving seat on the direction of the brand. With that formula, it's very easy to see why they are doing so well, and why many fans are welcoming this up with open arms.


  1. Oh look,it's me in the screen shot. Haha

  2. I think they're cool... but its not gonna stop me from pretending I'm shooting spaghetti O's.