Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Tek Recon showcase the Beta AR App !

Here we go! Tek Recon give us a sneak peek of the Beta AR App that can be used with your blasters! 
What's on show? We get powerups, scopes, sound effects, and gametypes, check the video below

Game styles:
Team Supremacy
The other question I've got to ask is if the Host of the game crashes out (dead battery, phone fault) or just device freezes up - I'm going to guess that on whole the game drops out or will another person become the Host? I will find this out and update!
What is not clear is if the game runs on an honour system for hits? Will players have to accept a hit if it is called, or will the game mode keep track of hits? With no IR system, i'm guessing it's this case.
I got to say, i'm hella excited for this, they have so many small additions to the App layout that adds something we have never been able to experience before.
What I would like to know is, will they open up the source for fans to create their own UI? Add their own creative flair in programming to add on the awesomeness of this? Time will tell, I've posed the question to them, lets see what they say!
From what I've seen and had feedback of so far, this will be a definite hit with Halo/COD/FPS gamers. Stock gamers have expressed an interest, with a small crowd saying it won't be part of their game - worried their smartphone will get smashed up.
Do let me know what you think, this feedback is important for us to help shape this product in what we fans want to see.


  1. I'm going to be honest, MLD - what the hell? All we've heard about is Tek Recon for the last few weeks and it's really pissing me off.

    I'm confused, what's their market? Why should we care? It looks like an executive toy for rich Americans that can afford to risk their iPhones in this fashion. What of rural players and the like, all that connectivity has to go over 3G or WiFi - the latter doesn't exist in rural areas while the former can be sketchy as hell. The app isn't any use for people living outside major cities.

    Kids don't have smart phones and it'll be a damn sight cheaper to just pick up a Maverick and have them run about with that - they're not going to spend the 2 minutes it takes to set up these gimmicks. They want to run around and play and shoot bad guys. If they want to fiddle with an iPhone, they'll go spam the Nerf Facebook wall.

    I think what bugs me isn't the fact Tek Recon exists but that you're giving them a platform. They're clearly a venture capital backed group who are abusing Kick Starter as a publicity stunt and you're drinking up their crap and shitting it out all over the internet. What of the little guys? I've not seen any posts under your modding showcase nor have we seen you do much other than cross post and self promote these last few weeks. You're becoming an annoying irrelevance and it's pissing everyone off.

    Produce some original content, stop lapping up everything you're fed and actually contribute something to the community for once. That is all. Thank you.

    1. We are their market.

      We should care because innovation is a valuable thing in this field. Hasbro has had their chance to dominate and many others have tried and failed to challenge the supremacy of Nerf, and this Tek Recon deal is highly promising in ways nothing has been before. Most non-Hasbro dart gun industry developments are just mindless toy bullshit aimed at selling units to kids that accomplish nothing in terms of advancement and don't appeal to us, the nerf community, at all. Tek Recon is a product line that takes into account community feedback and shows OBVIOUS attention to quality.

      The "rich American" comment is really biased and grasping at straws. Not only rich Americans have smartphones, for one thing. They are pervasive in society right now and are basic tool more than luxury. Second, I am not sure what risk there is to a mobile computing device fixed inside a robust purpose-designed gun mount. It's probably safer in there than it is in your pocket or your hand.

      Rural players, well, cellular data is indeed not everywhere - but WiFi? If there is no network already where you want to run a game, you grab a cheap base station and rectify that situation yourself.

      Kids? One, are not the target market (you seem to be talking about this from the standpoint of a parent or something, when TR is more aimed at people like us being the ones playing), and two, most kids DO have smartphones.

      Also, while the app/phone mount is a much hyped feature, please try not to let that cloud your view of Tek Recon so badly. This is not "primarily" about the AR gimmick, it's about the guns.

      Finally, you are correct that MLD is giving TR a platform and helping to promote them, but what is MLD? A blogger. If he wants to like and support TR, he can do that. And, TR IS the "little guy". An upstart player in the industry. I don't entirely agree with the use of kickstarter either but I want to see these people succeed! They deserve it for what they have done and I don't want to see TR die.

      Keep it going, MLD.

    2. Mld can't do too much until his nda ends remember that b4 flaming him and I'm excited 4 tr I feel that they will improve it and add a way to bypass the honor system which is my main concern just bring that up to them they seem to listen and I feel this Is a way to get games more active I like the concept

    3. Unless you've got stock in Hasbro or something, I'm not sure what the problem with talking about it a lot is. I see this as a win-win for everyone, competition is what drives innovation.

      Also: If Tek Recon is really abusing Kickstarter one would think the project wouldn't have been approved in the first place (all projects have to be manually approved by the site), or at the very least they would've closed the project by now.

      Personally I'm not interested in the AR/smartphone aspect. I'm interested in the blasters themselves, which look sweet and I like the idea of it basically being a souped up rubber band gun. Nerf dart blasters are awesome for sure, but darts are pretty inaccurate even when new. Vortex discs are very cool also, and travel in a much straighter line, but the discs travel slower and drop off easily. Xploderz are for outdoors. BuzzBee has childish-looking, less powerful designs and they were sued by Hasbro for patent infringement. I could be wrong, but these NRGs look like they might be more accurate than the Vortex discs and more impactful than the darts.

      Anyway. Clearly there's a void in the industry and I'm looking forward to seeing how Tek Recon performs in it -- I think they have a good chance. I just hope that the AR/smartphone gimmick won't cause people to pass on it because they think you actually need a smartphone to use the blasters (which admittedly is what I thought at first). Also I feel they would've been better off with a different name, perhaps just one word like Nerf. I just heard about them yesterday but I kept forgetting the name.

  2. If it cant track a hit, I can do without the app and it seems to be the case, we already play with the honor system. BUT! I am very excited about a blaster with high capacity and range in a new projectile...cant wait for it to be available.

  3. The app is a gimmick to me, the blasters are the real treat. (although the ammo counter and flag capping seems like a cool idea, X-ray vision sounds kinda OP and I hope you can turn off sound effects.