Friday, 17 May 2013

Tek Recon post demo video of Hammerhead firing

Update#3 from Tek Recon:
"Kickstarter, it's not everyday you get to fire away at your co-workers face! (took us a while to figure out the camera shouldn't be right in front of his face, but that made for some hilarious out-takes which we might have to pull out later in the campaign). Luckily, our ammo is safe, but you definitely still feel it ;). We know we JUST posted another update yesterday, but we couldn't wait to show this to you all. You've seen the Havok prototype in our previous videos, but now check out the first HammerHead prototype! Now that prototypes are finalized, we're heading to setup the factory tooling. We still have a long ways to go, but as you can tell the blasters are awesome!
We've also taken some time to address a main question we've received. Our blasters feature dual firing action (trigger OR pump). No priming required, you choose how to fire. Check out the video below to see what we're talking about! 
As usual, please share this project with all your friends! We're almost halfway there and are so close to funding Tek Recon!
Stay tuned for some awesome updates on the APP and how we're creating the first ever real life video game!

The blasters are essentially all semi-automatic. I got to say this is a very smart use of the blasters trigger system - similar to the Nerf Slam-Fire method, but the difference being, that you fire the blaster straight off with no need for any priming, or you can use the trigger to fire off a Long Shot. This is similar to a sniper rifle mechanism and fire stance.

So! 24 days on the clock and we still have time to spread the word about getting more backers and fans aware of the game-changer! :) A lucky fan has thrown in their name to the $5,000 pledge - best of luck to them for staring in the tv commercial! This has bumped up Tek Recon to a massive 39% ($19,548) on their $50,000 target.

It has to be said tho, we shouldn't stop there, or rest on our laurels - we need to help keep spreading the word and keep the momentum going till the last whistle has finally blown!

I'm guessing the bagged up item behind him with the yellow iluminiscent colour is a TShirt... but it just might be a holster for the Hammerhead :O I will get the low down shortly and update!

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  1. I'd like to see them do a range test with the blasters, I think if they could show the blasters hit the ranges they advertise it would make people feel even more confident in supporting them.