Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Tek Recon launch KICKSTARTER 9th May 2013!

One of the most anticipated product launches of 2013 hits KICKSTARTER May 9th!

An exciting heads up from Graeme at Tek Recon about some news in the world of blasters! If you recall an interview I did with them back in April of this year, they are a brand new toy blaster company who have been making some big waves since their debut at New York Toy Fair 2013.

But first, check this:

I have to say, it has me all excited, they have so much to offer, and honestly a company by fans for fans.

Lets get the lowdown from the team:

TORONTO, May 8, 2013 – TEK RECON, one of the most anticipated new product launches of 2013 will be available for the first time through KICKSTARTER.COM on May 9th @ 8am eastern standard time.

The goal of the KICKSTARTER campaign is designed to further enhance the development of the TEK RECON blaster and free app, and to get the product into the hands of early adopters and key influencers helping to create the first real life online video game. Through the course of 31 days fans will be able to fund the project through purchasing product, exclusive rewards, and bid on great prizes that include appearances in the television commercial and an all expense paid trip to present at E3; all contributing towards our KICKSTARTER funding goal of raising $50,000.

“Bringing TEK RECON to market through this KICKSTARTER project is the most ambitious and exciting launch in our company history,” stated Brad Pedersen President and CEO of TEK RECON Inc. “Two years ago we set out on a mission to bring video games, online connectivity and social interactive play together through innovation and great product design. The outcome, TEK RECON has come to life and created a phenomenal play experience that has exceeded our expectations.”

Gamers, adventure seekers and fans of technology, we need your help to create a revolutionary new way to connect and play video games with your friends IN REAL LIFE! Get off the couch and into the game with the newest and most realistic way to blast away on the field or anywhere. TEK RECON Blasters feature a first of its kind design with real trigger action and specially designed reusable “NRG Rounds” that blast up to 75 feet.

To optimize the battle and team experience TEK RECON developed a free “Real-Life Online Gaming” app to enhance blaster battles. Simply connect your mobile device to the blaster to bring video game styled play to life through mobile and GPS technology.  The free TEK RECON App will be available for iOS and Android devices, enhancing real battle experience through an interactive heads up display, live chat, vision modes, and more.

The time is now to be one of the first to experience Real Life Online Gaming and change the way you play. For more information on this product and KICKSTARTER campaign please visit"

Check this slow motion firing demo of the Tek Recon Havok:

I have got to say, the fact it has a trigger AND recoil, just adds to the whole experience of playing with toy blasters. Actually, the recoil feature puts Tek Recon in a league of its own.

Also as a video gamer myself (love COD and Halo) the chance to go to E3 all expenses paid and see all the awesomeness of videogaming world has to offer is a massive incentive for any fan get in on an early adopter program!
Further images courtesy of Tek Recon:
LEFT: Tek Recon Havok rifle (RRP$34.99, 90 rounds),
RIGHT: Tek Recon Hammerhead pistol (RRP$19.99, 30 round)
Big thanks to Tek Recon for this information - fans it is a chance for you to get your hands on cutting edge blasters and have an active hand in giving feedback from the get go! I can't wait to get my hands on these for sure :)

Please do let me know your thoughts folks! You have as always the chance to mould future gen blasters and this company is all ears!


  1. I have to say that this is not what I believe Kickstarter is meant to be. This is a company that is established, that has a product, and can release said product- they have no need for crowdsourced funding, this is only another means of acquiring cash from their users... disturbing.

    1. Yeah, as excited as I am for Tek Recon, it has no business being on Kickstarter. It's a shame that Kickstarter is being used so frequently these days as a pre-order system/hype machine for upcoming products.

    2. Just to clarify - Tek Recon have working prototypes that are ready for the next step - production. This money will be invested in 3 different ways - check the post here:

  2. I can´t find them on kickstarter.

  3. Yay! More gun toys that mimic real-world shootouts, because when you stop and think about it, there really just isn't enough of that in the real world! I hope these toys are available right here in America really really soon!

    1. I- somehow feel that the quote "You came to the wrong side of town, partner" is entirely appropriate here. I'm not even going to ask.