Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Summer Vapor Blaster Fun & Interview with Razor Inc!

Vapor Blaster by Razor

With Summer fast upon us (and BBQ water fights on the cards lets face it) what better reason to continue my series of 'Summer Fun' articles with a much needed look at Vapor Blaster.

Aesthetically they look funky and come with a fresh take on ammo - a water based Gel Ammo. One questions is popping up straight away for me already! My main concern? This could get messy... and in a big battle fast.

What is Vapor Blaster? Check the video below:

Certainly looks and sounds interesting. A water-based blaster with a massive capacity to save on reloading - to me this spells non-stop action and fun. Lets check the technical descriptions and a run down of the features:

Vapor® Atlas™ 250 gel ammo blaster
With ultimate trigger action and an easy-load chamber that holds plenty of Vapor Gel Ammo, the Vapor Atlas 250 is the coolest new way to battle. The ready-to-go Vapor Gel Ammo loads in the chamber and fires with a fast-action spring trigger. Pick a target - The Atlas 250 fires up to 60 feet. And after hitting the target, the ammo evaporates! No mess, no fuss, just blast away - you never have to retrieve the single use Vapor Gel Ammo.
Features include:
  • Ultimate trigger action
  • Shoots up to 60 feet
  • Blasts 50 rounds with no reload
  • 250 pieces of ready-to-go Vapor Gel Ammo
  • No assembly required
  • Ages 8+
Vapor® Delta 500 gel ammo blaster
The second model in the new line of Vapor gel ammo blasters developed by Razor USA LLC, the Vapor Delta 500 is the big daddy! Lock, load and shoot up to 100 rounds of Vapor Gel Ammo without reloading. The rifle-like blaster features real trigger action and long-range firing up to 80 feet. It comes with 500 rounds of ready-to-go Vapor Gel Ammo for the ultimate battle. No mess, no fuss, just blast away - you never have to retrieve the Vapor Gel Ammo, just let it evaporate.
Product features include:
  • Rifle-like action with removable stock
  • Long-range firing, up to 80 feet
  • Blasts 100 rounds of ammo with no reload
  • 500 pieces of non-toxic, ready-to-go Vapor Gel Ammo included
  • Vapor Gel Ammo refill packs available
  • Ages 8+

As a toy blaster fan, this had a number of questions that needing answering for myself, and I'm sure other fans - so what better way than to head straight to Razor themselves to get the low down!

MyLastDart: Could you tell readers how Vapor came about and how it is unique from other toy blaster brands we see today?
Razor: Vapor is unique because every blaster uses a trigger and Vapor Gel Ammo. The combination of the two elements allow for greater distance, accuracy and speed. It was invented by the toy division of Razor USA LLC.
The unique Vapor Blaster Gel Ammo can
be purchased in boxes of 500 and 1000!

MLD: At the heart of all the Vapor videos, I can see how the range creates a lot of fun for fans - did you expect this kind of reception? I've have seen many families getting out and active together which is absolutely fantastic that your product actively encourages this!
Razor: The Vapor product line has received extremely positive response to date, around the world. Customers have been impressed with our unique designs, product performance, and evaporating gel ammo.

MLD: The Vapor Gel Ammo is something quite special - should any readers/parents be worried about a big clean up or stains after a battle?
Razor: Nothing to worry about in terms of clean up after "a big battle". Our Vapor Gel Ammo is water based and evaporates, leaving nothing to clean up. It is environmentally friendly as well.

MLD: Eye protection and safety is paramount in Vapor - do any of the blaster sets come with eye protection goggles? Can I purchase more separately?
Razor: First and foremost, we do not recommend aiming at people or anywhere near a face or eye. Please see our website and manuals for our recommendations regarding Vapor safety. We do offer eyewear called Vapor Vision Specs and these are included in the Vapor Double Vision Battle Pack and also sold individually as Vapor Vision Specs.
MLD: Are there any plans to hold official Vapor tournaments in the future for fans?
Razor: We have held "Vapor Day" in the United States and it was very successful. We are working on putting together a kit to make it easy for our international partners to host their own versions of Vapor Day in other markets.
MLD: Where does Vapor stand on internal/aesthetic modifications?
Razor: We do not recommend modifying the Vapor blaster for safety reasons. (MLD: Check the Blaster Safety 101 guide)

MLD: I absolutely love how involved your blog is with fans, and how it actively engages them through the Vapor Corps initiative. What more can fans expect from Vapor HQ and who comes up with the brilliant games to Earn Your Stripes?
Razor: Great to hear you are enjoying our initial launch of the Vapor Corps blog! We are planning to launch with some of our international partners and also will be developing more content. We welcome your feedback.
Vapor Corps Initiative
- Earn Your Stripes pulling off these trick shots!
MLD: Back in December 2012, picked the Vapor Delta 500 as 'Best Toys for 2012' - an awesome achievement, award and recognition to behold.
Razor: Thank you for the congratulations on our toy awards. We were excited to win as well and also won the coveted Popular Science Best of Toy Fair 2012 award for the Vapor Delta 500.

MLD: We see many new brands unveiling new toy blasters at various toy shows - what does 2013 hold for Vapor fans? Any new products fans can expect i.e. accessories, new blasters?
Razor: We are launching several new Vapor blasters in Europe in 2013 and will keep you informed.
The Vapor Atlas Sport and Delta Sport products will be available in these countries this summer or fall:
  • France
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Israel
  • Singapore
  • Cyprus

The UK will carry the Vapor Atlas, Vapor Delta and Vapor Gel Ammo.

A huge thank you to Razor Inc for taking time out to answer those questions, it certainly has answered a lot for me, and I hope for you readers too.
I have got to say, I'm feeling pretty excited to get my hands on these right now :) Speaking of which, Razor Inc sent me a surprise package with not only their Atlas 250 pistol and Delta 500 rifle models, but also the new Vapor Sport System range too.

So without further ado, let's get on to the review!

The stock is 100% detachable, and I personally found it better without...
This is the Gel Ammo refill clip. It holds an additional 250 rounds!
This put Razor Inc in my book up high - why? Because they have thought of the fans needs!

This is a 1000 round refill pack, you can also purchase 500 (recommend 1000!)

Honestly speaking I was unsure about the ammo type for the reasons below:

Bake off. Unlike the Xploderz/BlasterPro range blasters, there is no need to "bake" your ammo. The major problem with this is, what if I/friends forget to 'bake' before the battle? A massive spanner in the works believe me. Thinking ahead, and with a little planning it's no biggie. BUT you don't need to "bake" the ammo at all! Should you have Gel Ammo left over, you simply pop it into a water container and it will keep until you battle again. Also if the ammo dry up, you don't need to worry, simply leave them to rehydrate in a container with water and bingo! they rehydrate.

All dried out. The other concern was not having any ammo at all or worse, the Gel Ammo completely dehydrates - there goes the battle unless a friend bails you out or you can make it to a store and pick some up. Should the Gel Ammo look a little worse for wear, then don't panic, simply leave the Gel Ammo to soak in a container of water for a bit, voila! Good to go :)

Mess? Without trying it first hand it's hard to understand how it's possible. I have blasted these Gel Ammo around my house from the carpet to marble worktops, and the ammo simply dissolved and left no marks. Even the carpet and sofas escaped any marking. Awesome. The female gamers I played with loved the facts above, and they were able to enjoy the blasters more they told me.

Scavenging ammo. The benefits with Gel Ammo is you won't have to scavenge unlike foam battles and as noted above there is no clean up! Lets be honest, who loves the big old foam clean up? I have to say, playing with friends they loved this type of ammo. No need to pick it up afterwards, no big clean up, and they were happy to purchase refill packs (this is probably because they have jobs and the cost is minor to them)

Cost: The plus for foam is that you don't have to keep buying ammo. I will say that the packs of Gel Ammo are in healthy packs of 500 to 1000 shots. Honestly speaking even if you do go trigger-happy it's hard to burn through all the rounds. If Razor ever stopped producing or supporting the product, you have a problem of no ammo, no blaster.

All the above impacts on the viability of having battles with these, but as with most toy blasters there is a trade off in areas. What It's simply coming down to is preference folks, but for some there are enough deal breakers and I can understand that. As a toy blaster fan I would recommend having a go with these as part of your summer blaster breakout or even stock battles.

Having got my hands on the range and played around at some length with friends, the one thing I can say is that we had a lot of fun with them, and found these to be actually awesome. I have a few friends who love the idea of water fights - but hate getting soaked to the bone. They felt it becomes a nuisance after the first few blasts. What they really loved about the Vapor Blasters was they were a fun alternative to wanting some wet wars without the drench affect! I think Razor are certainly on to something here.

I want to thank Razor Vapor Blaster for taking the time out answer these questions and provide me a surprise package of goodies to review! Be sure to check them out for this coming summer battles be they stock or wet ones!

Oh just to add, my friends enjoyed Vapor Blasters so much they want to do some CTF, TDM and FFA battles next time - next weekend hopefully :D


  1. Well i'm sold! Where can I get these in Holland? Thanks

  2. Looks like fun, I got to admit. If your friends enjoyed it a lot then i'm sure others will too. I dislike the whole idea of getting damned soaked!

  3. in Holland you can buy from