Friday, 24 May 2013

Special request to help push Tek Recon across the finish line!

Hey folks! If you haven't seen this video by now, check it out!

As you all know I've been championing Tek Recon and covering updates for you all as they pop up. The main reason I'm so passionate about these folks is because they are really down to earth, are gamers just like us, and most important have listened to what we fans want from the next gen blaster. They've taken on board what we have said, and made the changes. Right now this is how they are looking:

Backers: 166
Average Daily Pledges: $1,688
Average Pledge Per Backer: $163
Funding: $27,007 of $50,000 (54% of target)
Dates: May 9th -> Jun 10th (32 days)
Project By: Tek Recon

- it's in pretty good shape - but we could make it better :)

To help carry the campaign to the finish line we need one last push and nothing helps a campaign more than being featured in Kickstarters weekly email blast.

This is a long shot, but if I can ask for 30 seconds of your time to help in a email writing campaign to Kickstarter media relations, maybe we can get the visibility needed to make them blast across the finish line.

It could read like this:

Dear Kickstarter,

As a recent first time project backer and avid blaster fan I am writing you to ask your help to get TEK RECON the visibility needed to hit it's funding goal.

I love this concept and product and believe there are many others blaster and gaming fans like me that would love to get their hands on TEK RECON.

Please help us see this project funded so that we can experience the next level of Live Action Online Gaming. On behalf of the very large blaster community I request that you include TEK RECON in your next Weekly Email blast and help us see this project funded. I appreciate your helping bring this product to life!!!


The email should be sent to: and if you like could also be posted on the Kickstarter Facebook page and through Twitter.
I know it is a big ask, but it would make a huge difference. I speak with the team at Tek Recon almost daily, and I know how much they really appreciate your help.

Lets make it happen people!

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