Monday, 20 May 2013

RandomShadow09 range tests the Zombie Strike Hammershot... O_o and more!

This is kinda odd. But cool. RandomShadow09 reviews a range test on the new Nerf ZombieStrike line hotlisted for release in 2013. I spoke to Hasbro asking when I might get my hands on it to review - they said that this is not an official release, nor should anyone have this at all. They were aware of the items being leaked in China and were investigating this apparent black market. So can he expect a call from the po po? I don't know, hope not! Could they press charges for handling stolen goods? I wouldn't think so, but speaking to my brother who has a legal dealings with this kind of thing, said you can claim ignorance as a 3rd party but not really in this case as he isn't a random clueless shopper so they could very well make a case and example.

Jenkies that's all sounding a bit extreme...

One thing that is alarming, is the apparent widespread ownership of unreleased and leaked blasters - not only in China but now creeping into the US. I don't think Hasbro will take RandomShadow09 review lightly nor how he obtained the blaster. They're gonna want names, numbers, and addresses to lock it down fast because it stands to mess up massive advertising budgets. This could be potentially damaging to Hasbro and we all know how they take that situation. Even the YouKu vids people aren't bothering to cover their faces. I guess they've worked out a loop hole around being caught or just don't care.
When asked where he got it from he answered:
"Same deal as the Triad and the Firestrike in the Fall.  China like usual.  I figure I haven't put any information out there that wasn't already available from the pictures and video we saw earlier in the week, but I don't want to piss Hasbro off with a "How to buy toys directly from China" guide.  I'll leave it at that. 
With the Triad/Firestrike, they were on store shelves roughly a month later so I'm hoping the fact that I was able to get it means we will all have them soon enough!"

I can hear a wave of "Dude...! puff puff pass" in the not so far distantance, hah.

On to the blaster! we can see some strong headwind in the video, so the range test might be a bit off. it's supposed to be Elite ranges, and you can see this possibly ringing true. It's a little disappointing there was no fanning, and he hints that it is not recommended by Hasbro (in the manual i'm assuming).

Guess it's down to the good folk of the Mod community to put a fix to this! I'm guessing that the internals for the most part look robust - the hammer head certainly might need to be replaced, or a metal kit might be making its way out.

I have to say that this looks sick as a sidearm. Whilst there are many contenders in this category, for the pure sake of how cool it looks, to dual wield or even throw up an Assassins Creed IV 3 pistol style would be insane :D

Range results!

He reports the following ranges:
Low: 32ft
Mid: 43ft
High: 57-58ft

This is pretty variant from the lowest to highest. I hope he throws up another when it's a bit more calmer but I don't know if it's safe to go with the mid range? We can always mod the spring to get better ranges, but it does seem kinda all over the shop to solidly say "yeah ranges look great".

Users on Baidu reported a high rate of fire fanning and Elite ranges. As this is modelled on the Rebelle Wildshot I don't see why we would see them go backwards with range efficiency.

The other thing that is a little derp, is that there are no ZS Elite darts. Looking at the Rebelle line we see collectibles - why can't we get these for the ZS range? But as this is an import, perhaps he has not received the complete box and full packaging? We live in hope, kinda... we would have seen them already leaked on Baidu if this were the case. Oh well - fan power! Lets get to lobbying for some eh!

Be good to hear your thoughts peeps!


  1. Seems in line with elite ranges, love the hammer action. What is that dark cylindrical piece in that slot below the barrel? Is it just decorative or does it have a function?

  2. Very interested in getting my hands on one! I would review it if it was officially announced. I'd be rather conflicted about doing it before then. Would certainly use the heck out of it though! ~Chris

    1. there is clearly something very dodgey here - he has unreleased blasters. I don't care if theyre from china - theyre the people who have stolen them in the first place man. how dumb can you be. hope you get in a ton of trouble for promoting stolen goods

    2. Got to say I agree with Click Click Bamf here - I would be playing the hell out of it, and wait for an official word on it to avoid getting in trouble. Whilst we have a relationship with Hasbro - he doesn't. That doesn't make him exempt from them dishing out any punishment. It's their call I guess.

      Anonymous - I don't know if they are stolen, it's hard to call them anything else when Hasbro haven't even officially announced them. Have they been taken from the factory in China? Yes. Has the party that has taken them got their permission to? No. Has the party sold them illegally? It would appear so since Hasbro deny their existence on large and shipping to any resellers.

      Also dude, it's not cool to wish bad on anyone. He is just a Nerf fan at the end of the day, maybe he is in the wrong for promoting purchase, it is pretty ballsy throwing up a video and exposing yourself to trouble. You can't claim ignorance at not knowing its validity of being legitimate or not. It's clearly not.

      This is a problem that runs deeper than him, they have issues for quite some time now in China that they need to plug.

  3. I would love to see ZS collectible darts... and well... everything else they have planned for the line. (Will they just make it a clone of Rebelle? Will Rebelle get clip system blasters? I heard a rumor of new Nerf Melee options... Perhaps Hasbro is worried about the leaks. Perhaps their advertising department can spin the leaks to thier advantage, treating it like a zombie virus? What if these leaked videos... WERE Hasbro... and suddenly more videos leak where once healthy Zombiestrike owners... have succumb to a mysterious virus and a craving for flesh? Where do the leaks begin and viral marketing begin? Is there any product line more perfect for such a scheme?

  4. With all this drama...I'm thinking--Reality Show!