Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Popular Science & Nerf throw up an official review of the new Nerf N-Strike Mega Centurion

Taken from their article:
Exclusive: Nerf’s Newest Gun Fires 100 Feet

How the N-Strike Elite Centurion out-blasts the competition

Sniping our fellow editors is a much-beloved and long-standing tradition here at Popular Science HQ. Trouble is: our long hallways put us at an uncomfortably close range to our all too well-armed victims. That won’t be the case for much longer. We got a sneak peek at the longest-range Nerf gun in history, the 100-foot-firing N-Strike Elite Centurion.

The Centurion is the first in a new line of Nerf guns that use MEGA darts. The darts are about twice the size of typical Nerf darts, which engineers say helps them get the momentum they need to fly further. The also whistle, an oddly satisfying addition to long-range shootouts.

The massive MEGA dart
The massive MEGA dart:  Corinne Iozzio

To get the velocity necessary (nearly 55 mph) to catapult ammo one-third of a football field, the designers had to supersize the typical Nerf launch mechanism. With a dart-filled magazine in place, you pull back on a loading handle to allow the top dart to pop into the firing chamber. Pushing the same handle forward sets the firing mechanism in place, and pulling the trigger releases a spring-loaded piston that launches the dart.

The author, testing the goods
The author, testing the goods:  Amber Williams

As for the gun itself, we’ll be blunt: this thing is freaking huge. It spans 40.7 inches from nose to heel, and at least 2/3 of that length is barrel. As with any gun, the longer the barrel, the straighter – and hopefully the farther – shots will soar.

The Centurion will go on sale this fall for $49.99.
The N-Strike Elite Centurion
The N-Strike Elite Centurion:  Corinne Iozzio


NerfNation has the following to say:
"Share if you can't wait to get your hands on the new Nerf Mega Centurion blaster! Get the 360 view at Popular Science: http://hasb.ro/FBNFMC513."
Of course this is something that has been bubbling about in and around the NIC since I threw up the original image back in early March 2013. There we have it, $49.99 USD landing on US soil in the fall. Baidu has much done away with the magic of unveilment, but it's still a massive breath of fresh air.
This is of course one of the Top Secret London Toy Fair blasters I had the courtesy of playing with, and I got to say it's a fun blaster :)

Is it a game changer? Well I guess so, it gives fans the versatility of the whole sniper game play that we have not had - Stock - in previous Longshot or Longstrike blasters.
The whole idea of a MCS-6 clip makes it more of a choice or rather specialist blaster rather than a gung-ho slam-fire or full auto blaster. Gamers really will have to think about where they place their shots. I can't wait for the rest of it's brothers and sisters to make an appearance - you will not be disappointed folks :) The Grenade Launcher accessory that fits under barrel and a Mega dart launcher is what most fans will be wanting to get their hands on the most - Baidu will no doubt be fulfilling fans with pics and videos I have no doubt on that :)

What is interesting is that it comes to the US in the fall - Asia seem to be a test field according to Shawn over at Nerfcast. Is he right? I'm thinking just maybe he is. With other leaked blasters waiting to take the official stage, where is the ZombieStrike going to fit in to all this? Well wait and see ;)
Incase you UK (Aus fans can calculate whats up)  are wondering what's happening with the ranges... here you go:

-However one fan puts the question forward that was now on my mind -
Not that convinced they understand what Nerf  battles are all about
- even if they are Stock
Is it shorter than Elite? Yeah, but is it further than the Longshot or Longstrike? Yep, so I guess that is enough for them. I can't wait for Blasterparts, Remedy Metal and OMW to shake a kit out for this.
We have seen a few videos on Baidu range testing the Mega Centurion and they report between 40-85feet. Most do fall short of what is expected from an "up to 100ft blaster." It just seems to have got a nerf - ironically - from Nerf.
So hopefully they are up on their game, and taking it to Baidu - maybe? We live in hope ;)


  1. Oh Nerf... making a big deal about stuff everyone has known about for a month already... how delusional can they get.

    1. realize that their largest audience does not obsessively follow every leak and development of new guns.

    2. This. I have been immensely surprised at how many fans don't know about such leaks and development. The NIC, is by al counts a small % compared to the unknown audience.

  2. Man I can't wait for the "brothers and sisters" of the Centurion. Here are some I think they should make all using mega darts,
    Rocket launcher
    clip system crossbow
    Grenade launcher like the pic above
    And MEGA successors to the following, deploy, scout, Vulcan
    And last but not least my favorite idea, a hard plastic briefcase that transformed into a mini-gun like the death machine in cod and it would have a small compartment for actual storage space, mld please tell me what you think.

  3. Hey at least we have a price now.

  4. This looks too cumbersome for HVZ - far more excited for the Zombiestrike range

  5. HA you used my comment in your post!

  6. A question for MLD: I got the impression during the buildup to the announcement that you thought there would be more revealed today than what we already knew (the Centurion's existence) or suspected (Fall 2013 release), price notwithstanding. Is this the case? In other words, were you expecting or were you led to believe by your contacts that we'd be getting more than just the Centurion announcement today?

  7. i want every new Nerf gun that is coming out except the rebelle line

  8. I love their logic: "Buy this because it is the longest Nerf blaster ever made!"

  9. i find this useless, the mega centurian is regarded as one of the worst guns ever by nerfers and "buying the gun becuase it is long" is just plain ridiculous, evreyone knows that barrels decrease accuracy and if 2/3 of this gun is the barrel i can even imagine how terrible accurcacy it gets