Wednesday, 8 May 2013

New Xploderz BlasterPro Magnum 250 TV commercial

Thanks to Jason over at Basic Nerf on this one. Honestly, i'm not sure where i'm sitting on this one... I might tip towards more miss than hit... let me know what you think!

Their website is as follows if you are interested in checking out their full product range:
Oh, and thought I would share this with you too...

Not sure how they got away with this, probably because Hasbro didn't care what they had to say O_o
I will say that in a boat with Vapor Blasters, they definitely have a thing or two to learn from Razor INC on design. Real trigger is all the rage - and for a reason. It works, it's good, and did I say it works?


  1. Hahahahahaha! having a buzz bee gun as "darts", then they say it shoots 75, wow isn't that what nerf advertised, and what about homemades or modified nerf guns?


  3. BlasterPro and Xploderz are two separate lines from the same company, aren't they? BlasterPro seems to be setting itself up as the high-end line with smaller (and presumably faster) ammo and pricier blasters, while Xploderz is geared towards the younger set with larger, "kid-sized" ammo and blaster parts.

    Anyway, I don't understand why they're marketing themselves as unique when Vapor's got their own line utilizing the same kind of ammunition.

    I doubt Nerf (or even Buzz Bee) have anything to worry about--most of us foam buyers still prefer recoverable ammo, and even if the gel blasters' claims of range and speed are true, I think that many foam blasters provide a more "gun-like" experience, which I think is part of the fun. You don't exactly pour a cup of shells into a pistol or rifle to reload. And it may be a "no mess" sort of fun outside, people probably wouldn't want these gel blasters fired indoors.

    And finally, the stores tell the tale: Where I'm at, only Xploderz have any sort of presence on the shelves, BlasterPros are being fire-saled, and Vapor is almost nonexistent--I think I saw a pistol once, and some ammo here and there. Like Max Force and its spitball ammo before it, these guys are already on their way out.