Monday, 27 May 2013

Nerf don't deny...nor do they confirm Mega Javelin?

This is a massive first.

Nerf is notorious of all brands of neglecting their Facebook page, and any advances in fans inquiring about new blasters or leaks. There are obvious reasons for this and they may well share those reasons - much to the frustration of us fans.

Rumours and leaks are a major tool they could embrace rather than deny or shun completely as we have seen on multiple occasions.

So as I said, it's a first for them (not including the recent "acknowledgement" of leaked Baidu blasters) to publically go on record to not deny nor confirm the Mega Javelin.

I had previously picked up on this back in March this year when listed this blaster. German and Swiss friends confirmed it's not possible for German and Swiss-German to get mixed up in translation.

Game changer? I don't think so, but certainly add some variety to loadouts for battles and HvZ. For the FIRST time, I can see specialist users and squads (devastator units anyone?). I honestly think it's time we see more variety, they have the money to invest heavily into Research and Design, remember they are 2-3 years ahead of us fans and releases.

What we thinking folks? This is something fans have been wanting for SO long.

As always, cheers for all your support, you folks make all this worthwhile and fun :) Guess fingers crossed and we will see if there is an announcement today (6pm GMT+0 UK time).


  1. When are they going to release the big blaster news? Today? It says 48 hours but it's been 48 hours.

  2. Man, I can't wait for this!
    I'm all giddy now!

  3. are they going to announce something or do we have to wait all day? the entire world is at least the 27th so where is out announcement?

    1. Guess they're running a little behind time, it's about to be the 28th here in London lol :)

    2. I'm curious where the 48 hour number came from.

  4. Move along folks... nothing to see here.

  5. now that they didn't announce anything, now what?