Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hasbro, Paramount, MGM in line for a Smackdown

Say what MLD? Yeap, Hasbro' legal eagles are on top of their game, and this time it's their cineworld that needs defending!

Good job they got the right man in :D

The "G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra" script co-writers David Elliot and Paul Lovett have sued Paramount, Hasbro, MGM and producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, seeking $23 million for copyright infringement. In the suit, filed in California federal court May 3, the writers allege that the studios and producers stole many of their ideas for the sequel to "Cobra," "G.I. Joe: Retaliation."

That film, which opened March 28, has grossed $355 million at the worldwide box office. The defendants have engaged Elliot and Lovett to contribute to the sequel, assuring they would get the job if their work was satisfactory. The studios and producers did not hire Elliott or Lovett, but in a 113-page suit, the writers detail all of the ways in which they feel their work was used without any credit.
G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013)
"Even the most cursory review of the Joe Retaliation Movie and the Plaintiffs' Work reveals that they are substantially similar in every material way," the suit claims.

Elliot and Lovett would have been guaranteed to write the sequel had they been the sole credited writers on the first movie. Stuart Beattie was also credited for his work on that screenplay, and the writers' lawyers note in the suit that the finished "Cobra" film was markedly different from the writers' script.

Yet the defendants still engaged Elliot and Lovett, who included much of the work they did for the studios as evidence of theft. Paramount declined to comment.


With this aside - I have seen the movie and personally enjoyed it :) Check the trailer below!


  1. So is Hasbro in more trouble? Will there be less product? (Nerf)

  2. I've read the official complaint, and the plaintiffs have a good case.

    To restate what you wrote and elaborate a little: Elliot and Lovett submitted the script that eventually became the first movie, but Paramount brought in a third writer to fix it up, which is why they felt the end product was "markedly different" from what they turned in, not to mention that it meant that it was not guaranteed that they would write the sequel (since they didn't get sole credit for the screenplay).

    What they did get was the chance to pitch their ideas for a sequel, so they turned in "treatments" (summaries) of their idea for a follow-up. Paramount rejected their pitch and supposedly went with a different writing team.

    The problem is, when the sequel surfaced, it turns out that Elliot and Lovett's ideas are unmistakably the inspiration for the sequel, with the whole Zartan frameup--three Joes survive thing, and the separate Snake-Eyes/Storm Shadow plot that would dovetail with the other plot at the climactic battle of the movie. Some details vary (e.g., the three surviving Joe characters from the Zartan storyline are left vague in the treatment; the writers only say that they are two men and a woman, and imply that if Paramount wanted to bring back the same leads, the characters could be Duke, Ripcord, and Scarlett), but it's definitely the plaintiff's work that went into the sequel.