Saturday, 11 May 2013

Breaking update from Tek Recon - after the first 24 hours

As you can see, Tek Recon are doing extremely well for their initial 24 hours in a 31 day campaign to raise $50,000 funding to further product and development, App development and marketing. You can find more details about their offering here.

I do want to join Tek Recon in thanking all the fans out there who are backing this product, and showing immense support to the brand. They are really trying to pioneer something new and unseen in both the stock blaster arena as well as the Altered Reality scene, and it is really inspiring to continue the momentum.
I've been collecting feedback from fans on any initial issues they see or feel, and have as promised relayed that info to Tek Recon. So lets hear from the team themselves:

"Hey everyone,

The past few days have been an incredible and wild ride for us here at Tek Recon. We've been extremely excited and encouraged from the support you've shown in the first hours of our campaign. We've been bombarded with excited fans and can't wait to create the Tek Recon blasters and ship them all to your doors. We still have a ways to go so PLEASE help us spread the word. We're trying to do something BIG here by bringing video games to life with blasters that fire real ammo AND link friends together for massive battles.

We've included a few FAQ's into the page which may help you in figuring out smartphone capability as well as the function of our 2-way Firing Mechanism: Pump action OR trigger. We've also JUST created a very highly asked for pack which includes a HammerHead AND Havok as well as bonus ammo. Go check it out if you're interested!

Pledge $60
COMMAND PACK Included due to popular demand. Receive 1 HammerHead and 1 Havok Blaster to complete your set! Comes with 1 of each blaster, 47 NRG rounds, 2 smartphone mounts and a free download of the Tek Recon app for real life online gaming! To make this an even sweeter deal, we'll include a BONUS 50 NRG Rounds!
Estimated delivery: Aug 2013
Add $30 to ship outside the US 
In case you haven't found us online just yet, please like us on Facebook and share our latest post with your friends ( We'd love to hear more from you and keep in contact!

Thanks again and we look forward to providing more exciting news as we progress with this project!


Here is the FAQ that has been uploaded so far:

How does the Trigger/Pump work?
We've included a 2-way Firing Mechanism: Pump action OR trigger.  We've done this as some prefer the pump action while others prefer the trigger.  They both work independent of each other, meaning the pump is not needed for "priming" for the trigger.

Will the Tek Recon App work on my smartphone?
Currently, our Tek Recon Command App will work on the following devices:
iPod Touch 4th Gen / iPod Touch 5th Gen / iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 (+ new releases)  Android OS 2.3.3 and up (we don't have a list here as there are just too many smartphones to name).

Do all blasters come with a Smartphone mount?
Although not always stated within the reward level.  Each blaster will come with 1 Smartphone Mount so regardless of how many blasters are received, you can be sure each one will be able to fit your smartphone.

So expect more exciting package deals certainly next week - what the weekend holds is anyones guess ;)

Keep the feedback coming, you guys asked for some changes or improvements, Tek Recon stepped up and adjusted the product. I have requested a firing demo of the blasters showcasing the firing modes and calibration open to players, so I will update you as and when.

Well done to everyone again, spread the word - the game changer is here!

ps there is a poll up on my Facebook page - please vote so we can make sure we get what we want in accessories or product - we are given a unique opportunity as blaster fans to help mould the direction!


  1. Product, App, and Promotion? No no no no this is offending my sensibility as someone who uses Kickstarter regularly, this is terrible! They are a corporate business! They have /no reason/ to be using this site or crowdfunding their product! If this Kickstarter is to fail, we will still see the product on the shelves. There is no reason for them to be doing this.

    This makes me sad, and it's poisoned my perception of the company. That sucks. They should know better, but I guess it's all about the bottom line... tch.

    1. Established business yes, but officially launched with product to retail no. Kickstarter is just that - a platform for businesses to launch with crowdfunded support.

      It's similar to Lions Den tv show. They have a working prototype that they wish to put in to full production. They are using the Kickstarter platform to springboard in to full retail :)

    2. I'm pretty sure that 50k ain't enough to run a full-production line, but I digress. My point is that Tek Recon's gear will be on the shelf whether or not the KS meets it's goal. They're treating the site like a pre-market media machine, hyping the engine before launch. Technically, of course, there's nothing wrong with that, but it rubs wrong with me when I've seen many an independent KS fall through and a company of this size coming in and using it as a launch platform. They're not an independent company by any stretch of the imagination- Tek Recon has backers, cash, and a product to boot, they're just using the site in a way that I disagree with. Ah well. Guess we'll see what the end result looks like.