Saturday, 18 May 2013

Baidu: New Nerf Mission App Tactical Rail

Images are as follow, the item was picked up from a toy boutique in China:

Thanks to Jun45067 for this info and pics!

Courtesy of Baidu, these pics have popped up showing us the upcoming Nerf Elite Mission App Tactical Rail accessory. The major flaw is the limited use to iPhones only - for now. This is largely due to the varied size issues of Android handsets, they have not been able to match a universal cradle to get Android in. Whether they come up with a v2.0 or a completely different cradle remains unknown.

The plans for Lazer tag to incorporate todays Smartphone technology is a major market. Electronics were the only thing above Toy sales, and the two are fiercely in competition for the #1 spot. Hasbro has encompassed both of these technologies and advances in toys to bring us a complete new Era in Social Media meets Active Play. The app is free to download, and will allow you to create an avatar (wii mii), link to your Social Media - Facebook account, YouTube account, Twitter, and let you:
  • Upload pics/video from your iPhone (IOS to come - the phones are difficult ie Galaxy Phablet) to Fb, YT and Twitter.
  • The app has a whole editing feature in it, take stills, edit length, cut to scenes, etc. when it uploads it will be like a professional video layout with your name, Nerf brand in corner. People can then share your videos and pics as you wish or not at all.
  • Anyone else playing a game near you - just send them a nudge, and add them to your game!
  • There will be integration with your territory Nerf website (ie Basic Nerf can upload his battles straight to the site, after approval all fans can enjoy the fun!). This is why there has been a slow down or as Nerf Wikia noted - a dead stop on the official Nerf site.
  • RIP GoPro? Perhaps. Perhaps not.
The unit will retail for around $9.99-$14.99, and is completely universal for all Nerf N-Strike blasters (if it has a tactical rail, it fits!). It's apparently a sturdy fix to the blaster rails but with a knock it can come flying off. Not good if you love your smartphone :o Another major screw up has been (in my opinion) iPhone and iPod Touch  compatible only - for now.

Hasbro's main competitior appears to be GoPro with the option of taking video / video stills and uploading images to portals such as Instagram Fb. What is not clear, is that it appears to be riddled with bugs (I'm more inclined to believe the app is not fully Live yet) - whilst all that is a good thing, it's not good that it's bugged. Tek Recon don't appear to have this issue, have Hasbro dropped the ball here? I can't help thinking "yes" because Tek Recon have married COD/Halo into real live action battles.

I've been told to expect a video demo shortly of what functions DO work currently. What we thinking? I'm kinda left wanting to be honest. There is so much potential here, that seems to have been overlooked - Tek Recon certainly in a league of their own right now.

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  1. I want a clear display case like that, one day. :D