Thursday, 25 April 2013

Review: Nerf Vortex Pyragon - oh boy, what a blast :D

About time I got this done! I have got to say this straight off - I have never had so much fun unloading a blaster let alone a drum operated one! The rush of slam-firing is such a rush :)

Without further ado, I give you the current stock flagship of Nerf Vortex - the Pyragon :D

No stock *grumble*

What comes in the box?
  • Main Pyragon blaster, 
  • 40 disc drum,
  • and (thank god!) 40 discs.
I'm sure glad this came with its full compliment, perhaps this is why is retails generally for £44.99. Tip to UK (EU?) Nerf fans - I picked this up at for £14.99 but now it's up at £19.99. That's not so bad, it's still a steal!

If you experience any jams, hit this on the drum to eject the drum cylinder to clear

Bottom left Trigger, above Drum release, to right Jam clear button and tilt down

I have got to say this, I don't think I've experienced the thrill of unloading a full blaster in all my reviews ever. There is something of a rush when you have this in your hands, and an excitement when you are loading the whole drum!

Clearly, and currently the flagship blaster for the Vortex range, this is perfect for those players who enjoy CQB styles to flush enemies in close proximity, or even in HvZ when things start to get messy and need some fast control. I'm not sure personally why there is a lack of Vortex in HvZ - hopefully you folks can tell me why.

I have to say, that it is rather heavy as a blaster. I'm not entirely sure why they made it so. This will certainly become cumbersome as a battle goes on - maybe I just answered my own question above! The pieces apart don't weigh much, but together it's like wielding 2 Hail-Fires!

All in all, I would recommend this blaster, it's a perfect edition to any collection and gamers arsenal! Here's my review video below:


  1. I believe the reason we don't see as much vortex in hvz is because scavenging for ammo is a lot harder to do with so few people using them. I think as we see more people adopting them, people will start to be more open about it.

    There's also the argument that the discs are easy to dodge once you hit a certain range, but ideally you aren't going to be shooting at long range in hvz.

  2. Yes, the main complaint with Vortex in HvZ is the slower speed of the XLR discs. However I have gone on many a close quarters tagging spree with my trusty Vigilon, also the smaller clip capacity (compared to a Raider Drum) and (up until the Pyragon) lack of true slamfire means it is easy to get overwhelmed. I'd get me one of these, if not for the imminent arrival of the Revonix 360 and the lack of Pyragons in Australian stores.