Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Nerf Super Soaker X-Treme TV commercial

Nerf Super Soaker X-Treme TV commercial just rolled out, promo'ing their Super Soaker range:

I'm seriously tempted to pick one Switch Shot up (mainly for the stock to chop and change on my Vortex Pyragon and Diatron blasters - but then again why not a Lightning Strike if I want a white-out stock?).

With summer upon us, I thought it would be cool to cover some of the blasters out right now that you can get your hands on to help you do a fair bit of damage in a wet war :)
First - the commercial features the Switch Shot and Artic Shock soakers, both unique and interesting in their own way. Note that price wise you are looking at roughly $10-$20 per soaker.

  • Holds up to 20 fluid ounces of water
  • Fires water up to 25 feet
  • Carry extra banana clips (sold separately) for extra ammo
  • Detachable stock
  • Blaster comes with detachable stock and banana clip
  • What makes it different from other Super Soakers is the ability to adjust your style to play to situation with the 4 customisable nozzles:

     From the Manufacturer

    Choose your spray pattern and soak your competition 4 different ways with the Switch Shot water blaster. Want to send 3 streams of water at them from up to 25 feet away? Launch an atomized mist attack? Or just massively soak them? Just twist the knob on this versatile blaster to choose Scattershot, Triple Shot, Atomizer or Jetstream mode and then pump to soak away. The Switch Shot blaster holds up to 20 fluid ounces of water in the banana clip; you can attach extra Banana Clips (extra clips sold separately) to your pants or belt so you never run out of ammo. Enhance your blasting accuracy with the detachable stock. Choose your attack and launch the extreme soakage with the Switch Shot blaster.
    The Artic Shock, packs a punch - of the chilled variety! You simply fill it with ice cubes and unleash some frozen fun on enemies :) A novel idea I have to say :D
  • Fires up to 30'
  • Holds up to 25-Ounces of water
  • The Ice Drum works with other Clip System Super Soaker blasters (sold separately)
  • Super Soaker Water Clips; sold separately and work with the Arctic Shock soaker
  • Includes arctic shock soaker and ice drum

  • From the Manufacturer

    Defeat the heat with the freezing blasts of the Arctic Shock soaker. This powerful soaker lets you freeze your friends with icy blasts of water. The Arctic Shock soaker's Ice Drum has a large 25-Ounce capacity and you can fill it with ice for a super-chilled soak. Fill the drum and pump for a freezing blast of water at targets up to 30' away. The Ice Drum works with other Clip System Super Soaker blasters (sold separately) and Super Soaker Water Clips work with the Arctic Shock soaker. Fill additional Water Clips (sold separately) and use them to refill fast. Put the competition on ice with the Arctic Shock soaker.
    Whilst readily available in most territories, the UK is quite limited to eBay or Argos (seeming to have an exclusive?) on the Artic Shock. Both retail between £15-£20.
    Got to say I'm looking forward to seeing what water guns are available this summer and hope to get my hands on them shortly to do a more indepth unboxing :)
    Have a BBQ coming up, and a water gunfight is on the cards! Which one can you recommend I grab?


    1. Definitely the switch shot, it has great range, a sturdy stock and holds a lot of water.

    2. Just like to point out, unlike real NERF guns (dart or vortex), NERF Super Soakers are terrible for range or for any other measure of performance.

      Oddly enough, BuzzBee make better water guns (known as Water Warriors) even though their dart guns are not as good as NERF. The BBT Water Warriors may not look as good as NERF Super Soakers, and don't have much in the way of accessories, but in terms of range and output they destroy them (unless they are against a modded NERF Super Soaker Hydrocannon)!

      Unfortunately they don't sell REAL Super Soakers anymore. They, quite literally, NERFed them!

      Just check out the stats on isoaker:

    3. In answer to your question, save yourself some cash, get a BBT Water Warriors Colossus (unless you want a NERF SS for it's stock :P )!!!

      It's cheaper than pretty much all but the smallest NERF SS's (£15 at Tesco, but gets 40' (12m) range and about twice as powerful!!!

      Or a Water Wariors Gorgon (£18.74 at Smyths) basically like the Colossus, but larger!

      The problem with NERF SS, is the don't use air pressure!

      The people behind BuzzBee left Super Soaker back when they made 45-50' CPS Cannons, hence why their water gins are better than NERF SS's, but why they are still trying to catch up on dart blaster technology.

    4. That arctic shot is just a horrible idea. XD Only because I really really really hate cold water. That would ruin a water fight for me personally.

      So I say go with the switch shot.

    5. Water warriors guns may perform better, but they look like complete crap! Ugliest water blasters ever made. I like the Super soaker line, especially the Tornado Strike and Switch Shot because they are fierce looking kit with decent performance. The clip system is loads of fun, especially the new banana clips which look awesome and hold a decent amount of water. Not to mention these guns have great accessories that are interchangeable with Nerf N Strike and Vortex blasters.

      1. If you feel looks are more important than how a blaster performs that's you personal preference (but you could still get a NERF SS HydroCannon, at least it has potential if modded with a better nozzle).

        Most NERFers prefer performance over aesthetics (although both in one package is even better) hence the increasing number of homemade blasters (some of those are REALLY ugly).

        Unfortunately Super Soaker's technology has gone backwards in recent years (it was the original Super Soaker which made electronic water guns obsolete!). The best of Super Soaker was in the late 90's with the CPS (rubber bladder) tech. The only recent SS to use this is the HydroCannon (hence the potential).

    6. Actually, yes, asthetics are extremely important to me, I'm not going to spend my hard earned cash on a blaster that looks terrible. I only buy blasters that appeal to me visually. Would I like better performance out of the Super soaker line, sure, who wouldn't? But 25 ft ranges are more than adequate for what I use them for (backyard water fights with my wife and kids) , and the tough shells with fierce looks and awesome clip system are a nice tradeoff. But as you said yourself, It all boils down to personal preference.

    7. This is awesome!!! I really love playing with these water blasting guns. Me and my cousins love water fights and i guess this Nerf Super Snaker is awesome!- www.waterblast.pro