Sunday, 28 April 2013

Modders - a Remedy to your plastic problems!

Remedy Metal - Metal Magic Kits at it's finest

I was recently contacted by Joshua, creator of 'Remedy Metal - The metallic solution to plastic problems ™' who received a number of emails after I posted up my article on tips and advice for bloggers on how to create, run and maintain their blog - from modders wanting to sample review his kits. He was happy that he was made aware of modders he didn't know of and some of these sites showed a lot of promise he is following them closely.

Joshua took the time out to write up a little guide on what he expects from modders contacting Remedy Metal, and what it takes to work with him on product sample reviews:

"Hey MLD readers!

The NIC is populated with some really energetic, ambitious, and creative people. New Nerf sites go up every week, new product reviews and mods on Youtube daily, leaked product images months ahead of time, and 3rd party developers changing the game every couple months. The community is very active. It's a good time to be a Nerfer!

Sites, channels, and blogs that provide news, reviews and present new ideas are the life blood of the NIC. There are some really outstanding productions out there, and everyone wants to stand out.
I would like to offer some suggestions for those who would like to approach 3rd party companies about product reviews. While I can only offer suggestions about what my company like to see, I
believe it will serve as a good general direction on how to contact others.

1) Do your homework!
You should know all the latest stats on your site or channel, how many impressions a week, how many interactions do you get per post, what is your demographic, who is your audience, what is your exposure, what outlet can you provide that is different than what others can?
You have to be educated about the company you are going to approach. I can't stress this enough. You need to familiarize yourself with the products they offer, associations, partnerships, and follow them on Social Media for development notes. Nothing gets an email closed faster than when I see a question that clearly indicates that the author has not done their research about us. If your wanting to do reviews then you're wanting to inform people, you have to be informed yourself.

2) Be professional
If you're going to be serious about reviewing and creating a presence in the NIC, you have to approach it like a job. Be active, post often, review things you have, buy the new stuff when it comes out and try to be the first to review it. If you BUY and review products from a company, they may be more likely to send you free stuff to review in the future. Be polite and professional in all correspondences. Keep emails to companies short and to the point, you may have their ear, but you wont have it for long, everyone is busy.

3) Find a niche and fill it

This motto is how my company came to be, find an unfilled niche and fill it. There are a couple of niches that I see needing filled in the NIC. I'd personally like to see someone who does destructive testing of products. "there is no sniping in Nerf" well, someone get on that, I'd like to see someone who specializes in getting the most accuracy out of blasters. I'd like to see a "brotherhood of the traveling parts" kind of reviewers club. If a club could be set up to trade stuff for review, I know my shop would be inclined to supply units to review, as its a bigger bang for the marketing buck.

4) Support the community

I have had a ton of interactions with the NIC, everyone is pretty cool. I believe anything that that we in the NIC can do together, we should. If you see a good article from someone, promote it. If there is a good site that is doing cool things, suggest it to your viewers. No one looses viewers by recommending additional sites to check out. I try to practice that with my company, so long as a product doesn't compete with something we or one of our partners produce, I'll plug the crap out of it. As such you guys should totally check out Limey Tactical

5) Blasters & Safety
Blasters not guns. You need to erase "gun" from your Nerf vocabulary. We as a hobby have to distance ourselves from real guns, paint ball, and Airsoft. Those industries are heavily regulated because of justified safety concerns. If we want to continue playing with these high powered blasters, we have to be responsible for our actions and be safe. It won't matter what kit is in your blaster, if you shoot someone's eye out being dumb, were all gonna pay. Promote safe play, don't encourage stupidity."

Got to say, an awesome guide with brilliant tips for the modding community. I think a type of modding kits federation is a fantastic idea. Perhaps it's best moderated by the creators themselves? They can then keep track of decent and trusted modders? Interesting! Think i'll send an email or two out to get something moving ;)

I hope this guide has been helpful to you folks, please give your feedback and your own experience of contacting hobby kit specialists and a type of trusted modders hub for kit reviews? If this has inspired you to learn more, check out my article on tips and advice on blogging


  1. Some useful tips there Joshua.

    I really like the idea of a collaborative group of modders testing and reviewing products, unfortunately I can't ever see this going Worldwide. The big issues are:

    Freight - not everything comes out of the US - there's a bunch of great modders in Singapore, Canada, UK and Australia.

    Dart Type - far too many variances in length, weight, tip type and construction.

    Release Dates - usually the US gets everything first, so by the time new blasters are released worldwide, most of the standard mods and reviews have been done.
    Still, I'd love to see something like that eventuate.

    With promoting fellow modders, it's usually the guys with 100000 YouTube videos that tend to stick to their tight little circle, and won't acknowledge other modders.
    On the flip-side, there's a bunch of us who stick together, trade advice on forums, refer other people for commissions etc. So from that, there is a fair amount of mateship amongst this group, but not a lot of us have blogs. TBH, I leave that kinda thing to other guys - I'd rather be doing actual mods than writing about them, though I do have an extensive collection of tutorials posted in forums.

    As for the "BUY a product to review and you'll be more likely to receive free stuff". I can appreciate your standpoint, but personally, I'm yet to see it happen. I've bought and reviewed a number of 3rd party pieces, and still find myself having to purchase items at full price. 3rd party kits will always be popular amongst the guys that can't perform complex mods, but if you really want to break in to the recognised war scene in various countries, I'd suggest handing out some items to recognised modders who have a good following within the warring community. It's very cheap advertising if you think about it, and most likely a tax deduction.

    As for destructive testing - send me your stuff!! haha. Fairly certain I have the most powerful clip-fed air blaster that isn't home-made, and I have run a 34kg spring load in a Longshot... not too many guys in the NIC that could prime that. I know there's a lot of modders that have engineering backgrounds, but for destructive testing, you need guys with hands-on tradesman experience - particularly when testing stress points on metal equipment.

    Anyway, my rant over. Thanks for taking the time out to pass on some valuable information to the NIC.


    CWC blaster mods.

    1. I definitely agree with you on the point about certain misdeeds or bloggers sticking to their circles. for some reason no matter how hard I try to promote my own blog, Or put huge effort in to my blog, I never get anywhere. a prime example is a couple of times now, I've found something first and posted it, a day or two later, someone else finds it and posts it too, and guess who gets the readership? The group that's already established. And that just leads a circle of going no where for me, small readership = less samples and contacts = getting stuff later than everyone else, which ultimately means no growth and small readership.

      Also, 34kg longshot?! And I thought 20kg was too much haha!

    2. I dig your site Matt, Rm posted a link on FB to your first impressions on the PT kit. Very nice.

  2. I enjoyed the read. Lots of good information in here. Definitely a lot of things to consider on that subject.

    1. this is pretty helpful to modders and those wanting to start a blog. I thought it was well written and gave decent tips. great work mld

    2. Thought I would join in the debate here! Got to agree here, this is something helping modders get more out of their hobby, MLD, great post, I'm seriously looking at starting my own mod blog, to share my work with other likeminded people :)

      Keep it up man!

  3. Got to say this was really helpful. As a modder, this really opened my eyes to what I can achieve as someone who cares more about mods with a good amount of time on a blog post. Very well done Mr MLD, keep up the good work man.

    A good guide and advice for modders wanting to do this stuff! Right?

    I agree the big stay big, the small it's a hard climb up.

  4. NMR are part of that elitist group banding. That place died after Jerm quit. Everyone knows that, feel free to ask any high profile NIC mod..

  5. Great add!

    As modders we can say we approve this article.

    We strive for safety... that's #1.
    Remove "gun" from your vocab.. that's a HARD #2. Having had listings and advertising forcefully removed by other countries for using the word "gun" I personally would recommend against using it.

    Niche Market.... HAHAHAH NIC IS a niche market.

    Testing For Destruction... We "doubledown" around the R&D depart. Not because we are greddy but because we are destructive. Broken gears, plungers, bodies, triggers, barrels... fires... melt downs.. burned out motors. We've done it all and report it for free to our fans. $1000's a year were "destroy" in the name of Research and good times.

    Nice Add with Remedy metal. We will be offering cast metal parts shortly. This will be for internal mod use as "metal components" are banned in several countries. OMW can tell you about that one ; )

    Great add! Great read.. keep it up.