Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Elite Alpha Trooper giveaway winners!! and then some :)

Elite Alpha Trooper giveaway winners!!

Hey guys how have we all been doing? I hope you are all well! I've been unwell as of late, so firstly my apologies for the late unveil of winners. Suspense is always a good thing - right?

Unfortunately my videocam is out of commission right now due to an incident at the top of the Tower of Pisa whilst on holiday - but it's in for repairs so that's something positive.

I want to also a big thank you to everyone entering, I would like to have done a cool bean video but my cell phone is just pants after several attempts. Ok, without further ado, the winners:

US & Americas:
"Hey bro great idea. I cannot wait for the 15th May, so this is my chance to get lucky! I should win because i'm pure Nerftastic awesome dude" Judd Williams, Washington DC

"Hello MLD, I want to win because I share everything with my younger brother and friends at wars so they are always happy with what they have. This as my own private blaster would be the best." Yeison Santos, Barcelona Spain

Asia & Australia:
"I hope this is the right way to enter the giveaway. Hope I win because we don't get any cool things till after 6months to a year! Would love to rock this out at my HvZ and regular battles!!" Cameron Taylor, Queensland Aus.

I picked the winners randomly from 3 boxes filled with each would-be winner and along with their reason they would like to win on a piece of paper rolled and inserted in to a dart, from each respective territory :)

Massive congratulations to the 3 winners, I have messaged you for a shipping address so please check your accounts! If these are not claimed within a week, I will repick a winner freeforall.

Wow so a guy is gone from the scene for a couple of weeks and a lot changes in the NIC. The good folks at Riverina Dart Tag parted ways after many seasons together, which I was pretty upset about. But with the ending of one good thing, is the beginning of another! Some admin of the old suit have picked up the reigns and are rocking it up on their new page: Wagga Foam Warz

Good friend Pocket has thrown on some funky overalls and got the photobrush out to install some love to the UT page! Whilst I'm sure not to be the only sad one to see Lara go, I think the new paint job and reshuffle of furniture gives the whole place a real nice look :)

With this said, UT and good friend Jason over at Basic Nerf have as always been doing their level best in keeping the NIC updated, mucho gracias for the catch up and coverage guys - giving me a daily dosage whilst I've been bedbound has been much appreciated! :)

Oh and shout out to my good buddies Nerfcast - their latest Episode is out, check them out and give some support :D

We had Nerf Quest Arena unveil the UKs first Biggest UK Nerf fan:

Here's The Mayor of Dudley presenting our Ultimate
NERF fan, James Slater, with his winning prize!

Here some video madness from the launch -
it looks like organised chaos! Best of luck to the team!

News about MyLastDart? Well I'm working on some exciting new articles, some blaster exclusives to unveil so stay tuned :) Special Thanks to those for the kind get well soons :) <3 you folks :) #It'sgoodtobeback!

Keep nerfing

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