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A Remedy to plastic problems

In the NIC, we are lucky to have brilliant minds marry up with design and innovation. People who rather complain about a problem, set out on a journey to create a solution. Who are these unsung heroes to a growing audience?

Specialist Blaster Hobby Kits have taken Stock blasters and breathed a life of high end performance - much in demand for many Mod enthusiasts.

So without further ado, I've been lucky enough to take catch the maker of Remedy Metal on a coffee break for a little chat :)
Remedy Metal - your answer to plastic parts failure

MyLastDart: Great to meet you! Please can you introduce yourself?
Josh: Hey MLD! I really appreciate everything you have been doing for Nerfing! You go to great lengths to bring us all awesome news, sometimes at your own peril ;) Well played, great work, keep it up! Thanks for this opportunity to talk about myself and Rm, my two favorite subjects lol 
Getting on with it, I'm a 32 year old metal fabricator from Southern Illinois USA! I completed my Degree in Applied Science from John A. Logan College in Fall of 2011 with a specialty in Welding. The following January I began working for a Stainless Steel Fabrication shop in Illinois, at that shop we produced parts for expensive boats. I was the Welder/fabricator for "New Product Development/Prototype Dept" where I built Stainless Ski Towers.
This is where I learnt fabrication.
I bought my first Nerf blaster the same day I accepted this position.
MLD: How long have you been Nerfing?
Josh: January of 2012. I picked up a 2 pack of Mavericks after catching a couple videos of people modding them. I didn't know you could do that, It never crossed my mind that you could supe-up Nerf Blasters. I got into Nerf solely to mod blasters. 
I spent about a week playing with those Mavericks. Then I got a LongStrike, I though it was the coolest blaster ever.... in looks. Obviously the Longstrike out of the box is sad. I went about trying to make brass breeches for it, bigger springs, anything I could do to make it better. That was until I saw a video comparison of the Longstrike to Longshot, at the end of the video, he burned the Longstrike.... So I bought my first Longshot on eBay and set off to modding it. It eventually became the "Blue 'N Black Burner" which now houses all the RM prototype/proof of concept parts
MLD: What is your favorite blaster to date?
Josh: In general the Nerf Longshot, Specific Blaster: "Glass"
This is the blaster that Rm uses for advertisements and graphics, but its also the blaster I use when people be needing a whoopin. When the rules/courtesy allow it, this is the blaster in my hands.
MLD: How long have you been modding and do you remember you first boltsled/AR mod? Maybe it was a first voltage mod? did it work ok or did it blow up?
Josh: I started modding the night I bought my first blasters. I kept one of the Mavericks stock for a control, and did everything I could to the other one, stacked some springs, pennies, better seal on the reverse plunger and on the turret, and did the drop mod before I ever closed it up for the first test fire. It worked well, but the darts fishtailed like crazy. meh.  
The first part that I fabricated was a pair of SS supports for the stock sled, then a day later lol a full boltsled for myself that would be one-hand-prim-able regardless of spring load.

 MLD: Can tell us about what Remedy Metal is all about? and why did you start Remedy Metal?
Josh: It all started with the boltseld. I made a sled for myself that was capable of doing the things that the 3rd party sleds on the market and reinforced stock sleds couldn't, I wanted one-hand-priming with any load, and I wanted it to last forever. I recognized that a full blown production model of a lifetime warrantied boltsled could fill a niche that was currently void.  
Designing the original for myself was easy, took a couple hours to fabricate completely. But the original sled design was not "blaster internals friendly". It had to be redesigned from the ground up in CAD for my machine shop to cut out on the water-jet. After a few weeks of design I had a workable drawing, I had a couple cut out, they worked after they were assembled and off we went as Rm.  
This is the original cutouts, I super glued this one together when I got home, it was stronger than the stock one just glued together.
And the finished Remedy SS Longshot Boltsled

We recently made a portion of the CAD file we use to cut out sleds available to everyone at The Hub at Rm Those who may have access to machinery can easily port them, or to print them out at 1:1 for a template to cut out reinforcement L's  
With the popularity of the sleds, we were able to continue development on what would eventually become the Remedy SS Longshot Power Train Kit.  
Remedy Metal is about fabricating the best possible parts for blasters, parts that I would use. We won't ship a part that I don't want to keep :) My personal goal was to create a Longshot that would hit 200fps reliably. I did it for me, and Rm makes those parts for everyone else.
MLD: If fans have difficulty with the kits, what do they do? (any qualifications you have? tech support link?
Josh: The kits come with a lot of documentation that explains a lot about installation and functions of the assembled parts. The orders come supplied with multiple ways to contact us for comments questions and concerns. We rarely get questions on assembly. pSykSG was awesome enough to do a full install video for the kit.
He did it with the documentation and just a little guidance by us.
MLD: A lot of fans will want to know where you ship? Is it just the US? or worldwide?
Josh: We ship to the whole planet.
MLD: When can fans expect to see the site in other languages?
Josh: Probably never, I don't speak any other languages besides English, some could argue I don't have a firm grasp on that one lol. 
MLD: You have a wide range of products on list- can modders expect any other new products and services soon? (custom kits, any other upcoming blaster kits in the works?)
Josh: Were always looking at new stuff. We are now offering some painting services, We have a glass bead blaster and paint booth in house now, and can prep surfaces for painting for customers.  
I am personally looking very forward to the Centurion, It's gonna go the same route as the Longshot did for Rm. I already have an idea of what I want out of it, and it I get it, Rm will make those parts available to everyone. 
Rm has some cool stuff coming down the line:
From our incredible partner in Austraila we have coming soon:
The one and only PAK Designs in Singapore is awaiting some super cool new stuff that Rm will be carrying the moment we receive it. Check out their Mouseworms!
MLD: When can fans expect mod kit guides?
Josh: We do videos and demos when a topic arises that warrants it. We have been pointing people to pSyk for the kit installs, and Rm has a channel for videos http://www.youtube.com/user/RemedyMetal
MLD: What is the best way for fans to stay up to date with Remedy Metal news?
Josh: Rm post most current development notes to the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/RemedyMetal
Permanent info, coupons, and discussion is held at The Hub at Rm - our forum.
MLD: I have asked around a fair few people within the mod community, and found the feedback positive regarding your customer service and support levels. What's the secret behind Remedy Metal keeping happy customers?
Josh: This mostly fosters from the fact that I am a Nerfer too, I had less than stellar interactions with Nerf companies before I ever dreamed of Rm. So we strive very hard to make people happy. But.. You could probably find a few folks who are not completely happy with Rm, we are unfortunately semi notorious for having a back log of orders. Everything we make is hand built in my shop, and we are at the mercy of our machine shop and suppliers to get us our parts, so sometimes delays develop. There is not a lot we can do about it. I've been know to work overnight, 24 hrs straight, all weekend, ect.. to get parts caught up and out the door. I personally owe it to every customer to do everything I can to mitigate the delays. We make up for it by ensuring that our customers are blown away when they open the box containing their kits. The most common comment we get from customers is "it was totally worth the wait". I love that. This is a review that one of our fans just posted today: http://street-tag.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/remedy-metal-power-train-kit-first.html
MLD: I've got to say, Remedy Metal are really raising the specialist hobby kit game - from the kits you make, the packaging to the after care. Has this been as smooth a journey Is it looks? 
Josh: We have had an awesome run so far. I get to build parts that I believe in, stuff I know is going to kick ass and last forever. I don't throw the lifetime warranty on Rm parts for marketing, I do it to make sure if any of my parts EVER fail, I get a chance to fix them. To date, we have still never done any warranty work on our parts. This whole undertaking has been a lot of work, but we have some really neat stuff as a result, I have gotten to talk to a bunch of really cool people, and we have overwhelming support from the community, that is priceless. I do have a scrap bin full of "Stainless Steel not going smoothly" in the shop lol.
MLD: What's the future of the Power Train kit? Any further marks being tested or in the pipe work for evolution? 
Josh: The Remedy SS Longshot Power Train Kit is a done project, it's the backbone the LS needs, nothing more, nothing less. We have a couple additional things in the works for the Longshot, but they are more accessories, and minor possible upgrades. We have a couple of fans that are demanding a single sided priming handle. We are working on that here and there. We recently started to release small batches of our prototype foam cutting fixtures, I fabricated the original for Rm use months ago to make blanks, and enough people were interested after seeing it, that we made a small batch.
Rm will occasionally make more available, but it may very well never leave the "prototype" stage. 
Other than those small things, Rm is CurrENTly on developmental hold Until fall, when we will start woRkIng On somethiNg new.
 MLD: Any chance of taking a look at your workshop/station of creation? :)
Josh: My shop is private, if you drove past it you would never know what goes on inside lol. 
MLD: Joshua I got to say I'm impressed with what you do as a Stock gamer, so I imagine modders will be loving what you do. Is there anything special you can do for my readers when they place an order with you?
Josh: Thanks MLD, I really appreciate the interview. We have set up a coupon for your readers. All this reminiscing about the sled development inspired this discount: Use coupon code "mylastdart" on remedymetal.com for $15USD off of a Remedy SS Longshot Boltsled. This would be the lowest price we have ever offered the SS boltsled for. Coupon will also apply the the full Remedy SS Longshot Power Train Kit. This coupon will be good til June 1st.
Major thank you to Josh over at Remedy Metal - and yes, his coffee is as good as his kits!
I'm pumped to see what future releases come from Remedy Metal, they are honestly setting the bar high for kit creators, and giving that much needed performance to the Longshot. Speaking of which, if you are a major Longshot fan, and are looking to push the performance to - need I say anymore? :)

If you are a Modder and would like to find out what it takes to receive product samples from Remedy Metal - check out this article they put together to help you out!


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    "Other than those small things, Rm is CurrENTly on developmental hold Until fall, when we will start woRkIng On somethiNg new."


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