Saturday, 16 March 2013

UK Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper release update + more

Apologies for the absence as of late folks, I recently had a death in the family, and so had to be afk for a few days.

So what's new? Well my, my, my the NIC has been busy with some delightful eye-candy I see! <wink> Unfortunately, i'm bound by my NDA not to cover the leak.

Some updates on the MyLastDart blog, UrbanTaggers have (with much pride here) added us to their Affiliates program! I am a massive fan of Pocket and recently we had a chance to sit and talk at some length in light of recent events and generally which route is the fastest on Super Mario Bros on the Super Nes. Jokes aside, It's a great honour to be added to their ranks and reaffirms I am doing a good job in the eyes of peers and followers :)

As promised, I have been tracking this the best I can for all Nerf fans, and I recently got in touch with the good folks over at Hasbro UK thru my contact at Argos regarding the Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper. They have kindly informed me that UK fans can expect the Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper to hit the Argos stores in time for Easter! The date is earmarked (all being well!) for week commencing Sunday 24th March. This would make sense with the blaster being available on their Home Delivery section on the 30th March.

Part of the 2 for £30 deal till 26th July 2013
Props to Ky Dung for emailing me the images and  Basic Nerf also covering the the new Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper box-art,:

This packaging is heading for the US market - note Target logo

This was also uploaded on Baidu site - someone enjoying a pre release
fell-off-the-back-off-a-truck EAT with some choice accessories rather than official

ToysRus recently threw up a pretty attractive deal on a brand new Nerf Elite Double Dart Stryfe:

Yours for the princely sum of $24.99
Whilst it appears to show off brand new Digital Camo Elite darts, I believe this will not be the case as previously shown with the Nerf Elite Double Dart Firestrike where it showed the Digital Elite Camo darts, only to be sold with standard Elite darts. If you pick one up and this is not the case - let me know!

Speaking of Stryfes, thanks to Jackson Kenner for the heads up on this video by Duke Wintermaul:

Aptly named NEW Nerf Elite Stryfe Alpha Series - Duke discovered the reason below:
"Published on 14 Mar 2013
After delving a bit further into this blaster, i noticed the motor housing has been changed. In the original Stryfe, this housing was held together with four tension pegs and one long screw. In the new 'Alpha' series, this screw is gone and the housing is held together with only the tension pegs."
What does that mean? Well the pain in the butt dart sensor lock aka Captain Fun-Breaker:

- has been removed for what appears to be a newly moulded wider lock that lets you start playing with it out the box - unlike us first wave Stryfe gamers who had to take out the lock to have any fun with the blaster.

I covered this a while back from the London Toy Fair, that Hasbro have planned to create individual territory presence social media, and here we seem to see the beginning of this:


  1. Hey Ash!
    Some info that you have have on tis post, you can check them at my recent post(I'm not accusing you of copying things from my site, but I was disappointed not to see my name there, but of course you can not even have seen that info was on my blog)
    Good update on the EAT, do you kknow if it is coming to PT?

    1. Hey man, I haven't seen your post no (Edit: I have now, and I promise you I haven't copied anything).

      I have been following this since my interview with Hasbro at the London Toy Fair when they told me this was their plan.

    2. Ok, I was saying that you copied from my blog, just saying that I have the same info that you have...(if one of us to copy, I would probably not you)
      We have combine an hour to talk on Skype...

    3. No worries man, I spoke to Hasbro.PT and they said that they do not have a release date at the moment

  2. I was at my local toysrus recently and they had the double dart Stryfe, but the box art showed normal darts, not the ones in your picture.

    1. Awesome thanks for the heads up man!